Su Helmas: Revealed!

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For the September 2017 run of this quest, see Su Helmas: The Forbidden Temple.


A pay for quest that ran from January 20th to 29th in 2017. Access to the area can be found in Crossing at the SouthEast corner of the Town Green (TGSE). The portal is open to everyone with no purchase from the Simucoin store required. Contracts from the Simucoin store are required to complete tasks within the event and earn Su Helmas fame.

Area Lore


A preliminary map of the area can be found at Kythryn's Journal here.


On arrival to the area, there are 2 types of tasks available to complete for fame. For either task to award fame, first find the Su Helmas expedition ziggurat climber or the Su Helmas expedition graveyard explorer, and REDEEM your contract. To check that your contract(s) have been activated, check the bottom of your INFO. Each completed task will award 10 or 11 Su Helmas fame. You can check your fame with the TICKET command.

Noncombat Ward Puzzle

Moving east from the entry portal, you will see an undulating purple ward. To get instructions for manipulating the ward, STUDY the ward. On manipulating the ward, which is a random combination of PUSH, RUB & TAP, you can lighten the ward on a successful set of combinations until you complete the task.


Each kill completes a single contract task. Only kill creatures that spawn for your character. Wandering around killing creatures that have spawned for others can result in not earning fame but will count as a kill and use up a contract. After REDEEMING your contract:

  • ASK CLIMBER ABOUT ACCESS for the creatures in the Ziggurat area
  • ASK EXPLORER ABOUT ACCESS for the creatures in the Desolate Field and Sunken Pit areas.


Incidental Loot

See Su Helmas: Revealed!/Incidental loot.

End Loot

See Su_Helmas:_Revealed!/End_loot for prizes and prices.