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The Trader Guildleader Ansprahv says, “Once you have reached the 50th rank in the guild a whole new field of opportunities opens up for you. Financing. We have made agreements with a growing number of businesses around the lands where traders can provide operating funds for gem buying and furrier businesses. The owner of the business takes a 10% fee and in return will purchase goods using the trader’s funds. The trader can stop by from time to time and ask about their goods and receive whatever the owner has purchased for them. The trader can then take these goods to the larger towns and hopefully sell them for a profit. Just think, a way to let your coin work for you while you are off doing something else. Due to provincial laws, only citizens of the area where the business is located will be allowed to finance it.”

When a Trader reaches their 50th circle they will be able to finance gem and furrier shops. The purpose is to make a profit from the sales made through the financed shop and to earn a significant amount of Trading skill when reselling the gem pouches or bundles received.

Read the investment board in the Crossing [Traders' Guild, Hall of Records] to see what investment opportunities at finance-able shops are available.

Financeable gem shops

Ilaya Taipa, Horse Clan, Rossman's Landing, Throne City, Darkling Wood and M'riss.

You must be a citizen of the province in which the shop resides to be able to finance a gem shop.

Financeable fur shops

The docks on Aesry Surlaenis'a and the North Roads caravansary outside Dirge.



  • FINANCE - To see if there are any openings to finance the shop.
  • FUNDING - To view what sort of funds have already been given.
  • SALES - To receive the sales made at the shop through your financing.


Ask the clerk about FINANCE and they will tell you if you are able to finance the shop. If able, you will need to GIVE APPRAISER the amount you want to finance. To retrieve your sales ask the clerk about SALES.

Up to 10 traders can finance a single furrier outpost. When one trader's funds run out, the shop will automatically move on to the next. If no traders are financing, the shop will try to use its own funds. When those are depleted, a short time for them to secure a loan (or for a trader to invest) will pass before they are re-funded. An unfunded outpost will not purchase from anyone.

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