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Re: Circle Reqs · on 03/16/2012 01:15 PM CDT 1327
>>stats play in spells/roars/berserks/forms if we now have a skill to gauge them

We are moving to a centralized "contest" system so spells and abilities will all factor in stats the same way depending on the contest. For example, Save vs Fear is one most roars will use. Here, the Barbarian's charisma matter's most just like it does now.

Discipline will continue to have a small impact on forms and meditations, and stamima/strength/agility on berserking - just not to the effect it does now, and not with the cross-penalization we currently have. ie. discipline won't penalize your berserking potential.

This message was originally posted in The Barbarians \ Responses to GM/Official Announcements, by DR-KODIUS on the forums.