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Spirit health is the strength of the animating force that sustains a mortal's body. It regenerates 4 percent of the full pool every minute. While the Auspice spell is the spirit health and regeneration booster, any spell or ability that boosts Charisma, Discipline, Wisdom or Intelligence will also indirectly boost spirit health while playing a minuet or a harder song flawlessly on an instrument will provide a minuscule boost to regeneration.


Spirit formula.png


  • Spirit health is directly related to the decaying (auto-depart) times of dead people.
    • More precisely, the time to auto-depart is 1/2 Spirit Health from above formula multiplied by % Current Spirit Health at time of death, with a minimum of (forgot, don't die to spirit deaths often).

Abilities that affect spirit health

Boost max spirit

Heal spirit health

Boost spirit regeneration

Debuff max spirit


Damage spirit health

Decrease spirit regeneration


Spirit Health Levels

Percentage Combat Message HEALTH Message
>100% mighty mighty and unconquerable
100% none full of life
99%-90% shaky very strong
89%-80% very shaky strong
79%-70% weak wavering slightly
69%-60% very weak rather shaky
59%-50% drained weak
49%-40% very drained very weak
39%-30% cold extremely weak
29%-20% very cold cold
19%-10% empty empty
9%-1% desolate lifeless
<1% nonexistent dead


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