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Contested abilities are Stat versus Stat (SvS) contests, where the attacker uses a debilitating ability against an opponent. Which attributes are used by the aggressor in the contest, versus which attributes are used by the defender is based on the nature of attack itself.

Contested Spells Contests

Primary Magic and Debilitation do NOT play a direct role in the success or failure of a contested spell, except in the fact that it allows a mage to put more mana into the spell.

This will mean that individual mages, depending on how they have and want to train their stats, will tend to have a particular type of contested spell that they excel at. Likewise, there will be particular targets who may be more or less resistant to specific types of contested spells. All of the above applies equally to both critters and players.

Offensive Actions

Contest Stat "Weighting"

Attack Class Primary Stat Secondary Stat Tertiary Stat
Mind Intelligence Discipline Wisdom
Magic Wisdom Intelligence Discipline
Spirit Wisdom Charisma Intelligence
Charm Charisma Discipline Intelligence
Fear Charisma Strength Discipline
Power Strength Discipline Stamina
Finesse Agility Reflex Intelligence

Magical Attack Styles

  • Mind Attacks - The user is bringing the force of his own mind to bear on the target.
Examples: Mental Blast, Petrifying Visions.
  • Magic Attacks - The user is creating an effect that acts on its own accord as opposed to directly contesting themselves with the target.
Examples: Anther's Call, Branch Break.
  • Spirit Attacks - The user is clashing their spirit or soul against the target, trying to bring down its weight against them.
Examples: Heighten Pain, Malediction.
  • Charm Attacks - The user is trying to lure or befuddle the target in a subtler attack, or instead awe the target through sheer presence.
Examples: Aether Wolves, Compel.

Non-Magical Attack Styles

  • Fear Attacks - The user is trying to intimidate the target in order to evoke a desired effect.
Examples: Barbarian Roars.
  • Power Attacks - The user is bringing forth sheer physical brutality in order to cause an effect.
Example: Earthquake.
  • Finesse Attacks - The user is using their quick and agile nature in order to cause the desired effect.
Examples: Thief Ambushes, Speculate Coin.

Defensive Actions

Contest Stat "Weighting"

Defense Class Primary Stat Secondary Stat Tertiary Stat Other Conditions
Reflexes Reflex Agility Intelligence Also affected by incapacitating conditions (prone, webbed, etc).
Fortitude Stamina Discipline Strength Also affected by vitality, spirit, and fatigue.
Willpower Discipline Wisdom Intelligence Also affected by nerve damage, stuns/unconsciousness, and Khri Serenity, and Cunning.

Defending from Spells

It was decided that attacks against a character fundamentally reduce to three things: You avoid it, you endure it, or you repel it.

  • Reflexes - The user is attempting to avoid something attacking them, keep their balance, or otherwise make agile or dexterous motions.
Examples: Deadfall, Desert's Maelstrom.
  • Fortitude - The user is trying to endure an effect or curse that cannot be avoided.
Examples: Stun Foe, Heighten Pain.
  • Willpower - The user is attempting to actively fight off or shield themselves from an attempt to meddle with their state of being.
Examples: Mental Blast, Petrifying Visions.

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