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Re: Stamina regen out of combats seems too low. · on 01/22/2013 02:53 AM CST 2976
Stamina should regenerate half as fast in combat, and twice as fast when prone or sitting.

Stamina regen is approximately 3% per pulse, with Discipline giving a chance for a 6% pulse.

Pulses come in every 6 seconds, meaning you should be able to regenerate 50% of your fatigue out of combat in 50 seconds standing up, and 25 seconds laying down.... that doesn't seem so bad to me? I wonder if the regenerate effect is failing to get applied at times.

Hopefully this is just a bug with some folks.

As for fatigue usage IN combat, I'm trying to wait and collect more data before reducing the impact a bit. One of the biggest problems folks seem to be having is using maneuvers like SWEEP and DRAW without pausing a moment after the RT has ended, or forgetting that BOB should regenerate some fatigue and teach tactics.

This message was originally posted in Combat - Weapons and Armor \ General Discussions, by DR-KODIUS on the forums.