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Re: 3.0 stuff? · on 10/25/2013 01:08 PM CDT 1509
>>pulsing debuffs will teach debil


>>sagacity will teach warding

Nope, Utility. Thieves won't have to worry about learning the Warding skill.

>>and most abilities will be augment? Or utility?

Well, discounting the debilitation abilities, the remaining are about 50/50 Augmentation/Utility.

>>Slot costs

Similar to the current system, except that instead of giving out the first three khri at 10th, Thieves will get 1 at 1st, 5th and 10th.

>>that thieves will move to a skill based magic system, but will skill or concentration determine ability strength and number of abilities able to throw down?

Well... a skill based Supernatural system. Strength of each ability is based on Inner Magic skill blended with the appropriate subskill(s). Each ability has a one-shot cost or a pulsing cost to concentration which will be the balance for how much you can do at once. With the new concentration cost model you will be able to run a set number of khri for full duration like you can now, or run more than usual for a shorter period of time.

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