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Re: Tentative Empath Magic 3.0 Spell List · on 2/8/2011 11:27:53 PM 4701
>>I'm interested in how this new concentration spell will interact with Manipulate, and if it will make the ability viable again. My impression is that this is at least partly a band-aid approach.

Empaths use their concentration for a number of things, so the idea is for this to take the edge off of that concentration use. I know when playing a lower level Empath, it is possible to totally tank one's concentration and be unable to cast spells, which can lead to death. Some of the more advanced transfer options (IIRC) eat up more concentration as well.

So there are uses other than manipulate. Manipulate is a big one, though. I have some manipulate stuff in the works, which while not a rewrite, will also hopefully make it more useful/usable, so the spell does also sort of go hand in hand with that.

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