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Manipulation Updates · on 3/1/2011 2:32:59 AM 285
Tonight I'll be releasing some updates to manipulate ability. This isn't the rewrite -- I just wanted to get the system into a more usable state for now, so I made some small changes that will hopefully make it usable until I can really turn my attentions to it. Among the changes:

1. Manipulate now teaches empathy better. It's nowhere near healing, but it should teach better than perceive health, as a rule. However, since manipulate is a combat ability, this means that the Empath's empathy must be challenged by the creature they are manipulating in order to learn.

2. The number of creatures an Empath can manipulate at once is now limited to two. This was a compromise for me to make it teach better. I wanted it to balance fairly well at level, so I had to cap the number of creatures you can manipulate.

3. Empaths can now stop manipulating a creature they have manipulated. You can choose to stop all manipulations (MANIPULATE STOP ALL or MANIPULATE STOP EVERYTHING) or you can stop manipulating a specific creature. (MANIPULATE STOP THIRD LEUCRO)

4. If the creature and the Empath are not in the same room, the manipulate link breaks. Fairly straightforward.

5. Empaths can no longer manipulate constructs. Manipulation is an application of empathy, and requires a life essence to work. Constructs do not have life essences, so manipulation does not work on them. It never should have worked at all, but manipulation was not updated when constructs were initially released.

6. The concentration cost has changed. There is now a small initial concentration hit for manipulating something. Then, a certain amount of your concentration is 'allocated' toward manipulating that creature, for manipulation purposes only. This means that the concentration stays in your pool, but in order to manipulate, you must have the concentration to allocate toward manipulating the creature in question. Clear as mud? Excellent!

7. Help messaging is now hopefully more helpful and reflects the stop changes.

I think that's everything. Please respond via the link below with questions/feedback/comments.

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