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Re: First Draft New Ambush/Khri Charts (from thief OOC Meeting) · on 06/13/2013 02:09 PM CDT 2077
>>any plans to release change notes or ideas here on the boards, for people to gauge?

Yeah, I might as well, since it's probably better coming from me.

We talked about which skills thieves would need to train to power some of their abilities.
Inner Magic, Augmentation, Utility, and Debilitation would be used to determine the various aspects of Khri. There would not be a Warding skill, though since the meeting there's been some consideration of having some minor Warding type abilities that use Utility to train.

I also tossed out an idea to help out with the grandfathering issue. I proposed that Khri could be started in a couple of new ways. The original 'instant on' method would work fine, but this method would be contested vs the base difficulty of new difficulty ranges based on Inner Magic and the related subskill. These difficulty ranges would need to extend high enough so that they could train all the skills. There would be two ways to start a Khri while getting a reduction in the difficulty. First, sitting/kneeling/prone would reduce the low end of the difficulty, and starting a Khri with a delay would decrease the high end of the difficulty. A player could employ none, one or both of these methods on various abilities.

I also talked about the idea of changing the concentration costs of Khri. Instead of Khri taking a chunk off the top of concentration, it would be a pulsing drain. The end result of this would be that you'd be able to actively maintain roughly the same number of buffs/utilities (though with the Khris changing a little in what they do, this wouldn't mean specifically a 1 to 1 ratio of number of Khri active) in either system. The perk to the new way would allow a player to briefly overload a few extra Khri at the expense of eventually tanking their concentration and having all their Khri drop.

I also had a very rough ability listing, which if you looked at now would be fairly obsolete as I've already changed quite a bit of it. But the general theme was that no Khri would provide a boost to something another Khri already does, and if a Khri boosted something, it would generally be as good and in some cases better than the combination of all the smaller boosts. Some things on the list were lost because I didn't notice they were originally there, some things were lost because I needed room for other things, a few things were moved around slightly to allow for skills to be trained evenly across various skill ranges, there was a top secret item related the Kurt Russell on the list, there were AOE debuffs, and anti-mage stuff.

(If you saw this post somewhere else, I moved it since a better topic stowed up for it to be in while I was writing it)

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