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Re: OOC Thief Meeting Log 12.14.2008 · on 12/14/2008 6:46:07 PM 1198
Ok and third try... found another one ;) This time I swear it should be clear. Sorry yet again! Bad editors and the like.

A shaggy-looking Dwarf stomps up to you and says, "Haldram asked me to tell you that there's a meeting going on in his establishment, the Thirteenth Passage, for all guild members. It starts in just a few roisaen, so you'd best hurry if you wish to make it on time." With a satisfied grunt, he blunders past you to deliver his message elsewhere. [There's an OOC guild-wide meeting in the Meeting Hall of the Thirteenth Passage in Inner Hibarnhvidar starting at 3pm EST. See you there!]

You notice an odd, almost godly aura about Tiesse.

You see GameMaster Tiesse, a Human Thief. Tiesse has hazel eyes. Her amber hair is very long and wavy, and is worn pulled back in a bun. She has smooth skin. An obnoxious sparkling gem that creates all sorts of annoying room scroll rests on her forehead, just above her eyes. Tiesse has transcended time. She has a tattoo of three additional and unnecessary lines of text on her chest. She is in good shape.

She is wearing a pair of perky pink bunny ears, a white cotton collar adorned with a black silk bowtie, a gold star, a blushing beanbag chicken, a tight-fitting pink leotard with a fluffy cotton tail on the rear, a bag of tricks, a pair of white cotton cuffs, a platinum ring bearing the crest of the Assassins' Guild, a tattered copy of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Plane of Probability" tethered by a sturdy leather cord, some sheer silk stockings, a prismatic dreamsilk garter with fluttering white ribbons that trail down her thigh and boots with the fur.

You notice an odd, almost godly aura about Zeyurn.

You see GameMaster Zeyurn, a winged S'Kra Mur. Golden scales ripple across his lean, muscular frame while fierce, red eyes gaze out from a long, tapered snout. Two leathery wings are folded up against his back to create the look of an unusual cape. Beneath them, his long tail sways slowly back and forth in deadly anticipation. Noticing you looking, Zeyurn smiles enough to bare rows of razor-sharp fangs. His age is completely indeterminant except for the gleam of timeless wisdom in his eyes. He is in good shape.

He is holding a throwing hammer in his left hand. He is wearing a button that reads, "Daylight Savings violates the Space-Time Continuum!", a dirt bag, an exquisite golden shirt of loose silk with elegant black-embroidered sleeves, an omni-shield ring, a dark black leather satchel edged with gold trim and the words 'For Official Use Only' on the side, a platinum General's badge, a sleek backpack of golden leather clasped with an ebony buckle, some loose golden silk pants with black serpents crawling up the legs and a golden tailband crafted to spiral down the entire length of the wearer's tail.

                        • Meeting************

Tiesse says, "Greetings, fellow Thieves! Thanks so much for coming today. I'm GM Tiesse, as you can all see, and I'm glad I get to finally meet some of you in person. Also, GM Zeyurn will be stopping by today today because he kindly obliged my begging for protection from all of you."

Tiesse says, "Minus one today, of course."

Tiesse says, "I'm glad you all could find the place. I understand it must have been difficult to leave your familiar surroundings, but I'm of strong mind that there are some really awesome places in this game, and it's a tragedy that they aren't visited more often. The art of exploration is something to be embraced. Besides, I gave people a while to travel, so my ears are closed to whining about no portals being offered."

Tiesse says, "During the meeting today, I plan on giving a brief overview of my goals for the guild as well as a list of some things I hope to accomplish development-wise. Afterwards, I'll open up the question list for people to join. Please keep your questions related to Thiefly things. Depending on time and how many queries we get, I might open it a second time, but no guarantees."

Tiesse says, "Now let's see, where did I put that list." Tiesse drops a Thief question list. Tiesse just closed the question list.

Tiesse says, "A quick word about logs -- I'm fine with you posting a summary log on the forums as long as ALL CHARACTER NAMES ARE OMITTED. My name and Zeyurn's are fine, of course. If I see a log crop up with even one character's name in it, I'll remove it." Tiesse says, "Fair warning."

Tiesse says, "Okay! I guess a good place to start is at the beginning. Right now, I have quite few projects on my plate, as I'm sure you can imagine. Many are Thief-related, some are not. My main Thief project right now is finishing the expansions to the Raven's Court. The gallery isn't quite finished, but it's on its way. However, you can expect another addition sometime in the VERY near future, so keep an eye out."

Tiesse says, "I'm not giving a date, but I mean it when I say very near."

Tiesse says, "Another project that is on its way to completion is the player-written book about the days when Kalag the Black ruled the roost in Crossing. The book is almost through QC. Don't worry; there will also be an appropriate place for the book to live, too, but I don't want to ruin the surprise."

Tiesse says, "As you might have noticed on the forums, I'm currently working on updating the environmental settings for all of the Thief-only areas in game. Qi and Zoluren are complete. Ain Ghazal is finished, but I'm waiting to release it because there's another neat addition to the island coming super soon as well for you guys. You'll understand why I'm waiting. Therengia will be next, then Ilithi. The Shard guildhall is an interesting animal, and I'll leave it at that."

Tiesse says, "By now, you've probably guessed that I have an affinity for world-building. Therefore, I've decided to tackle a project that has been talked about for a while, but has never come to fruition: the Ratha passages. No timeline set, of course, but I want you to know that this will be my next big task once the Raven's Court is complete."

Tiesse says, "I would also like to see Thief 'outposts' in various cities that need them. Muspar'i would be at the top of the list."

Tiesse says, "As some of you probably know, I enjoy Thief events, so I hope that I can continue the strong tradition of our guild's past. I have a few ideas in mind, especially connected to the project releases."

Tiesse says, "There's a laundry list of other things that I know need work, namely contacts. Nothing is planned on the near horizon, but rest assured that I'm taking all of your concerns on the forums into consideration."

Tiesse says, "One concern that I've seen popping up since the preview ended was a way to re-choose your khri. It was talked about at the initial release that there would be something like this down the line, and it's still in the back of my head. For now, if you know of someone who is recently returning to the realms with no abilities, PLEASE tell them to investigate properly before choosing their khri again."

Tiesse says, "I don't think it's smart to just go out and buy a car because you assume you'll be getting what you had the last time."

Tiesse says, "People need to do their homework before choosing khri, it's as simple as that."

Tiesse says, "You can ask guildleaders, you can look on the forums, you can ask fellow players."

Tiesse says, "Assisting because you chose the wrong khri will not get you far unfortunately. I know it sounds harsh, but the information is all out there."

Tiesse says, "The latest major release for our guild is the new justice system. I really want to thank Zeyurn for his amazing work. It was really a tremendous undertaking, and I know how long he's worked on it. I want to congratulate him for a stupendous job well done."

Tiesse says, "I encourage you all to play around with it. There's really a lot of neat features."

Tiesse grins.

Tiesse says, "Let's see, did I have anything else before questions..."

Tiesse says, "I'm sure you guys will jog my memory if I did."

Tiesse says, "Oh yes, I'd like to get glance working again."

Tiesse says, "Titles too."

Tiesse says, "Okay! I think now is a good time to open up the list."

Tiesse exclaims, "I'll unhush the room and open the list. Join while it's hot!"

                          • Q&A*************

XXX says, ?Okay my question is about confidence and whether or not we can do something about it. It takes a long time for at least some of us to get confidence levels up there and they seem to fall pretty fast whether or not you get killed or blow a box or get caught stealing or whatnot.? Tiesse leans on Zeyurn. XXX says, "I can have it up to above average in a few hours of backstabbing or so but then just from standing around it falls back down." Tiesse says, "Well, it depends on how much charisma you have, for starters." Tiesse says, "So, naturally, the less you have, the more difficult it will be to maintain at higher levels."

XXX says, ?Perhaps mebbe successful box opening can help to keep it up if not raise it? Pretty please? Especially if the boxes are a bit harder than what you normally do?" Zeyurn says, "Box opening is on the list, but it's a little harder to put on." Tiesse nods.

XXX says, " for the charisma thing..." XXX says, "Since I'm currently putting tdps into stamina and disc to help with the ability to use Khri...well..." Tiesse says, "Charisma should not be ignored." Tiesse says, "There's really no other way around it." Tiesse grins. Tiesse says, "30 is the base level you need to achieve the highest level of confidence. It's been posted in the past." XXX says, "Yes...especially now...some of us were born before they knew to keep rerolling til you got better stats"

XXX asks, "can we waste our tdps on a spell slot an permenently learn a spell?" Tiesse asks, "Heh, are you sure you're at the right meeting?" Tiesse says, "No, Thieves are not magical creatures." Tiesse says, "Sorry. I don't see that changing any time soon."

XXX says, "the new khri system" XXX says, "I see so many younger thieves becoming extremely unbalanced characters due to it" Tiesse asks, "How so?" XXX says, "they dump all their TDPS into DISC AND INTEL trying to get super CONC" XXX says, "and it's creating unbalanced characters" XXX says, "plus" XXX says, "and intell" Tiesse says, "I mean no offense, but I'm not sure why unbalanced characters really are an overall guild problem." XXX says, "I'm gettting to it" Tiesse says, "Okay, my apologies." XXX says, "with the new ssytem" XXX says, "there is No difference between the power of a khri used by a 20th circle and a 50th circle" XXX says, "only choices" Tiesse says, "Mmmm, I would disagree with that." XXX asks, "so khri's are stronger?" XXX asks, "or just last longer?" XXX says, "and the new khri's are what... 1/4 of their original power" Tiesse says, "Well, I can't really go into specific details, but it's safe to say that they grow with you." XXX says, "so it doesn't even matter being able to pull 4 khri's" XXX says, "that's like 1 old one" XXX says, "which you could pull 2 or 3" Tiesse says, "Under the old system, the 2 or 3 that you could put up were limited and very specific." XXX says, "my pint being they've become something that many older thieves don't even use and count on anymore" Tiesse says, "Now, there's much more versatility." XXX says, "and that's our only real ability that's useful... and not just a trick" Zeyurn says, "I'm not sure what older thieves you know don't use or count on khri." Zeyurn says, "But I'd say they're pretty dumb." Zeyurn says, "Khri are at global caps." XXX says, "my point is.... they are nothing compared to what they once were" Zeyurn says, "They're more versatile than ever." Tiesse says, "That's true -- you have many more options now for mixing and matching." Zeyurn says, "And they're extremely reliable, there's no random factor to them at all." XXX says, "and there is no mystery to them anymore" Tiesse says, "Okay, I think it's time we move on. Thanks for your concern."

XXX says, "I'd like to first say thanks for having us all here." Tiesse says, "My pleasure." XXX says, "And I just have a lil question not of much importance..." XXX says, "But was just wondering if our three favorite thieves would make it round more. Other than ya'll I mean XXX, XXX and XXX. " You say, "Haven't had a chance to see if they've shown up in the new guild because of my schedule. Hope they know where it is." Tiesse grins. Tiesse says, "XXX has been to the new guild." XXX say, "Short and sweet for ya." Tiesse says, "I'm sure XXX is getting adjusted after the festival." Tiesse says, "As for XXX, I'm not sure of his whereabouts, but I'm sure I can send feelers out." XXX says, "I know many wishin they had met him before."

Tiesse says, "No, you may not make out with me." XXX asks, "Who said it was up to you?" Tiesse laughs! Tiesse says, "Hello, XXX." XXX says, "hay baby." XXX asks, "I remember talking to either you or Z at simucon and there was mention of the development of moonmage sect like things for thieves, like the Sisterhood. Any word on that?" XXX says, "Actually any word on the sisterhood at all would be grand." Tiesse grins. XXX says, "Oh and while I have the floor I would like to invite XXX and all the non-khri using thieves to come see me sometime. I will teach you not to suck, promise." Tiesse says, "Honestly, I think it's a super cool idea and something I think about often. I don't have any immediate plans for it in the future, but I would love for it to be a reality some day." XXX says, "I want to see it for all guilds, I think it'd be a neat way to give them more individuality." XXX says, "but us first." Tiesse nods. XXX says, "and Sisters first."

XXX says, "I have some questions.." Tiesse exclaims, "Short and sweet!" Tiesse asks, "What's up?" XXX asks, "Is poison gonna be not a waste of time in the near future, Why is the Watch command so damn good? Is disguise/alias ever going to be a reality?" Tiesse grins. Zeyurn says, "Watch is worse than invis." Zeyurn says, "Just sayin." Tiesse says, "Honestly, poison isn't going to be touched until after the substance rewrite." Tiesse says, "It's just too... nyghugh." XXX says, "I like using khris and all, but the alias and poison is what I think is thiefy." Tiesse nods. XXX says, "I wish it were more priority." Tiesse says, "I'm not sure exactly what you mean by alias." XXX says, "Disguise." XXX says, "Hide our names." XXX says, "Was mentioned at meeting long ago." Tiesse nods. Tiesse says, "Okay, well I can't make any promises based on what GMs have done before me, unfortunately." Tiesse says, "Times change." Tiesse says, "Except maybe Zeyurn. I like him." Tiesse says, "He's a smart cookie." XXX says, "I would like us to assume another name, just one and if its found out, hey... Thats your problem." Tiesse says, "I like the idea of being able to fake a guild, but a hardcore overhaul to mechanics in order to facilitate disguise probably isn't anything that will happen any time soon." XXX says, "Would make sense to hider stuff and things like that." XXX says, "Ok." XXX says, "So no poison and disguise." Tiesse says, "There's just other things that take priority, unfortunately." XXX asks, "Can you make WATCH suck a little?" Tiesse says, "Like I said, I'm not going to touch poison until the substance rewrite is complete." Tiesse says, "It's just not worth it." Tiesse laughs! XXX says, "I understand." XXX says, "Oh one beef." Tiesse nods. XXX asks, "Why do I get thugged for getting caught stealing and other guilds steal without penalty?" Tiesse says, "Make it short, we've got other people on the list." Tiesse says, "I'm... not sure what you mean." XXX says, "I get thugged when I go into guilds when Ive been caught too many times." Tiesse says, "Yes." XXX says, "Other guilds dont have this problem." Tiesse says, "That's your reputation kicking in." Tiesse says, "New guilds will find new justice harsher on them." XXX says, "Beat them too." XXX says, "Ok Im done." Tiesse says, "Justice is different than reputation."

XXX says, "I'll kep it short. I was curious about your plans for breaking and entering, either fixing some of the bugs in the Museum or any future plans for new places in development." Tiesse says, "B&E... I know someone is fooling around with that somewhere." Tiesse says, "Not me, though." Tiesse asks, "Which museum bugs? The donation box?" XXX says, "And mark" Tiesse says, "And mark." Tiesse asks, "Did you BUG them?" XXX says, "Well never mark. Z said it was broken when boxes 3.0 were released" XXX says, "But yes to the donation box" Tiesse nods. Zeyurn says, "Yeah, I need to fix it." Zeyurn says, "Justice been taking up all my time."

XXX says, "Um, short and simple, I'm recently returned to the realms and haven't picked my pretend title yet." Tiesse says, "Alas, the big red button is safely secured in my office." Tiesse says, "Only I can push it now." XXX says, "when I do the title thing it says title pretend clear will clear my pretend title and my pretend guild." XXX says, "If this is no longer true might wanna fix that." Tiesse says, "You can currently change your pretend guild at will." Tiesse says, "Yes, it'll clear both when you do it. But you can rechoose." XXX asks, "Fair nuff. Is that gonna be round awhile?" Tiesse says, "It was SUPPOSED to go back to the way it was shortly after new titles were released, but I'm honestly not really sure of the status for it now. That was 3 years ago." XXX says, "I was gone for 2..." Tiesse says, "So I should think it's safe to assume that it's not in danger of switching back any time soon."

XXX says, "Fake guilds and the disguise system. Not alias's i don't want my idea lumped in with that." Tiesse nods. XXX asks, "Can we get more verbs that mimic the illusion of other guilds? Also fix empathic perceive health and the moon mage perceive mana types?" XXX says, "Disguise needs to be placed in the hands of the thief, not be able to be outted by actions that aren't in our control." Tiesse says, "Those are ideas I'm tossing around in my head, yes." XXX says, "I can choose to not fix a lockpick, but i can't choose when a moonie perceives me from hiding or an empath from five rooms away." Tiesse nods. Tiesse says, "Oh, that reminds me." Tiesse says, "If you see any Thieves talking about secrets or any non-Thieves, talking about the Guild or outting fellow Thieves, shoot us a REPORT." Tiesse says, "If I'm around, I'll see that the guild thugs get some exercise." Tiesse says, "There is no more REPORT TO KALAG, but you're welcome to make it an IC report from your character if you like." XXX asks, "that is good to hear, is it a report to kalag or v or something?" Tiesse says, "And XXX, I can note the things you request, and know that I do enjoy disguise. I wouldn't have pushed for the changes to chakrel otherwise, and I hope we can figure something out for the magical things in the future." XXX says, "me too" Tiesse says, "Sure, Report to (guidleader) if you like." Tiesse says, "I can't say that they're top priority, but they are on THE LIST." Tiesse finger quotes. XXX says, "ranger handshales, and barb handshakes, all that" XXX says, "thanks for ya time" Tiesse says, "As for the publicly blatant guild discussion, I mean gweths, open conversation, stuff like that." Tiesse asks, "We dont' want Zukir to find the new guild, do we?"

XXX says, "Whats the current status critter stealing/The Warehouse(I saw this on a goals page once)/other stuff to do with the stealing skill? (Museum like stuff)" Tiesse says, "Mmmm." Tiesse leans on Zeyurn. Tiesse says, "Lemme ask the big man." Tiesse says, "Might be in his head." XXX says, "Can always come back to it, just don't forget" Zeyurn says, "Creature stealing is on the list of things it shames me I haven't gotten out yet." Tiesse grins. Zeyurn says, "I wouldn't expect the warehouse anytime soon though." XXX says, "What is it even, I saw it on a goals page either last year or 2 years ago" Zeyurn says, "Basically another museum like area" XXX says, "And there was no previous discussion of it that I could find" XXX says, "What I was hoping" XXX says, "XXX already asked about BE so I'm done" Tiesse says, "Again, I can't really be held to stuff that was on goals lists two years ago..." Tiesse says, "But I know there's a bunch of stuff on the back burners that are just aching to be developed."

XXX says, "well i have a question pretty simple how come we dont have any type quests" Tiesse asks, "Pardon?" XXX says, "easy like with new profile system why cant our guild leaders send us to wack people randomly" XXX says, "or steal stuff from other guilds" Tiesse says, "Ahh. I know at a few Simucons past there was talk of a bounty system." XXX says, "or for instance" Tiesse says, "I don't think that's guild-specific though." XXX says, "when the empath guild leader was gone" XXX says, "why couldnt i steal there ledger and give it to our leader" Tiesse asks, "Why would our leader want the Empath guild's ledger?" Tiesse grins. XXX says, "we cant look in it wouldnt information be important to our guild" Tiesse nods. Tiesse says, "Honestly, that kind of thing is probably neat for like, a single serving event." XXX says, "seems like a thug steal items but most crooks actually steal info it pays better" Tiesse nods. Tiesse says, "If you have more ideas like this, feel free to post them on the forums and I'll take a look." Tiesse says, "Might make some nice mini events." XXX says, "or why cant we go steal stuff from inside other guild halls" XXX says, "we get caught sucks be us if not reward us " Tiesse says, "Unfortunately, I can't really see a system related to this developed just for Thieves, especially with the bounty system in the works and the task system already in place." XXX says, "when theres a will theres a way" Tiesse nods.

XXX says, "I was going to ask about critter stealing, but since its been mentioned, Ill ask if there's any chance of a training area put into one or more thief guilds" Tiesse asks, "What kind of training area?" Tiesse whistles nonchalantly. XXX says, "whichever you feel you need. Make it limited to an hour a day or week so people dont live in them, but they could pay someone in the guild an get to train ...lets say hiding, or locks in a small room" Tiesse nods. XXX says, "would be a nice go between till critter stealing come in" Tiesse says, "I dunno, I kinda like the idea of people hanging out in guildhalls." Tiesse says, "Especially in the other provinces." XXX says, "yes, and this would help that. " Tiesse says, "It's definitely on my mind." XXX says, "I mean, if you show up and nobody is there, you train and maybe someone will show up while you train"

Tiesse says, "And as an aside, I know the mentors have a social in the Crossing den every month." Tiesse says, "It's a nice time to hang out with your friends and create havoc."

XXX asks, "so what are we looking at as a timeline to the release of new stealth?" XXX asks, "and will backstab be brought within global caps before that?" Tiesse says, "That's a question for Zeyurn." XXX asks, "and will backstab function as it does now or be a new system?" Zeyurn says, "No timeline in place." Tiesse whispers, "They label it special on the calendar... it's one of the days" XXX asks, "will backstab be changed relatively soon?" XXX says, "alright Im done" Tiesse grins. Tiesse says, "No timeline in place probably coordinates to not any time soon." Tiesse says, "That's Advanced GM Lingo, right there."

XXX says, "I'm interested in knowing if khri length is static or can be changed, and if it can be changed, what would go into affecting that? I had hoped that increased discipline levels might mean increased khri length, but I'm not seeing any real difference in my personal experimentation with khris." XXX says, "Building on that, could a system to "refresh" a khri be considered? It doesn't seem to make sense that I can use a khri which costs a minor amount of concentration for a set time length, but I can't extend that period of khri length by adding more concentration to my khri. I'd like to be able to pay a khri cost, then pay a somewhat higher khri cost to refresh the timer, then a still higher cost, etc, until I have no remaining discipline or choose to stop. After all, a lot of khris are worded in such a way as to suggest that as being how they work." Tiesse says, "Okay, gimme a sec to read this novel." Tiesse grins. XXX says, "I like to be prepared." Zeyurn says, "Sense or not, it's the price you pay for not using the magic system. Khris are versatile and can be placed up quickly and without mana, but they have other costs." Tiesse exclaims, "It's fine!" Zeyurn says, "Such as not being able to refresh them immediately (although you can get it down to 15 seconds)" Tiesse says, "As has been said before, concentration is really key when it comes to khri." Tiesse says, "Discipline is not the only factor when it comes to concentration." XXX asks, "See, that's something useful to know. How can it be gotten down? Circle? Concentration?" Tiesse says, "Training your stats to improve your concentration, yes." Zeyurn says, "The concentration you have left when the khri ends." Zeyurn says, "I did actually post all this." Tiesse nods. XXX says, "Oh? Pardon if I haven't found it, the Simu forums are a just... I dunno, I can't get them to work well." Zeyurn says, "you need some energetic people to put it on elanthipedia or something." Tiesse says, "Forums-diving is a celebrated pasttime." XXX asks, "So back to my first interest, is the actual length of khri static?" Zeyurn says, "There is no randomness involved in khri. Only stats."

XXX says, "My question is, what is in the works for XXX and I suppose her guildhall overall. You sort of touched on it earlier in your introduction speech by saying it was a whole other animal or something along those lines, could you elaborate on that? Also, since the Khri change over she's lost a few abilities to teach, so is there anything in development that will be for that guild leader specifically and/or is it dependent on a new substance system before she gets something new to teach." Tiesse says, "Plainly put, the Shard guildhall, from a behind the scenes standpoint, is a mess." Tiesse says, "I really don't want to give too much away, but suffice it to say that after investigating the set up, I think there's work that can be done." Tiesse says, "This includes the passages." XXX says, "very small and probably the oldest code for the guild halls that are around today" Tiesse says, "XXX was recently seen awake in her guildhall." Tiesse says, "Perhaps you might find one of the people that had a chance to speak with her about her plight." Tiesse says, "As for new abilities, right now, she's going to stick to her specialty." Tiesse says, "I don't want to worry those of you who were disrupted by the change in the Crossing." Tiesse ponders. Zeyurn says, "Killing a guildleader is an experience I'd rather not repeat." Tiesse grins. Tiesse says, "Yes." Zeyurn says, "Unless you're in Plat where XXX still sips margaritas on Poke beach." Tiesse says, "So yes, not something as drastic as that, but definitely some sprucing." XXX teasingly says, "oh..yeah, and could we maybe get HE backstab and maybe runestone use again..that would be so cool." Tiesse says, "No, but I suppose you all need to drink 3 times for that or whatever." Zeyurn says, "I'm almost tempted to announce HE backstab but the catch is you drop your sword and fall on it on your back, stabbing yourself." Zeyurn exclaims, "Yay, you HE backstabbed! Go you!" Tiesse snickers. XXX says, "that actually would be great" Tiesse says, "I'm content slashing with a bastard sword. So should you."

XXX asks, "Any chance of having smuggling see the light of day? Kind of working with a Trader to move illicit goods around the provinces for profit?" Tiesse says, "Mmmm." Tiesse says, "I'm not going to comment on that." Tiesse grins. XXX asks, "Also, how about a stealth hindrance reducing khri?" Tiesse says, "That sounds like a neat idea." Tiesse says, "Feel free to draft up more ideas and post them in the suggestions folder if you like." XXX says, "And last, the Crossing beggar doesn't respond to thief, only thieves" Tiesse says, "I keep a list of most suggestions we receive, provided they aren't asinine." Tiesse says, "Okay, I'll make a note of that." XXX says, "Ah, ok, I actually have a lot more to elaborate on smuggling ideas, from time playing a trader" Tiesse nods. Tiesse says, "Traders are shifty sorts." Tiesse says, "Feel free to post to your heart's content, and I'll add it to the file."

XXX says, "Was still thinking" Tiesse grins. XXX say, "Ok how bout..." XXX say, "Letting traders have some tables in the Court. Be closer to nab from their pockets that way." Tiesse grins. Tiesse says, "Perhaps something to think about, but that'd best be directed to GM Adera." Tiesse says, "I don't have any place for a table in the court right now though." XXX exclaim, "I know, but ya got me too quick!" Tiesse says, "Plus, it might attract unwanted sorts."

XXX signs, "It's not that important, but I recall being able to wear fake titles as post titles.... Or have I been imagining things? I ask because I wanted to be Recluse of the Order of the Black Fox once and the system said I couldn't do that. I didn't think about it til everyone started asking about fake titles." Tiesse says, "No, I don't think we've ever been able to wear fake titles as post titles, unfortunately." Tiesse says, "Though I wish it were so." Tiesse says, "I'm sure, when we're making the other title fixes, that we'll take a look at stuff like that." XXX signs, "Darn. My friends thought it woulda been funny if I could have due to my IC nature/personality" Tiesse says, "The other fixes being the titles that disappeared when new khri and maybe new slip went into place." Tiesse exclaims, "Maybe someday!"

XXX says, "well i was think what about a place we can kick people out of" The wings of your sandals stretch for a moment, but nobody seems to notice. XXX says, "traders can boot us from the tent" Tiesse grins. XXX says, "can we be able boot people from the pond" Tiesse asks, "Generally, we don't want people in our places to begin with, right?" Tiesse says, "The pond belongs to the Prince, not the Guild unfortunately." XXX says, "but still it be nice to have our own non guild area" Tiesse nods. XXX says, "will the slip from ground be fixed soon" XXX says, "also" Tiesse grins. Tiesse exclaims, "That's two questions!" XXX says, "it happens" XXX asks, "sorry but is it?" Tiesse says, "I know Zeyurn is looking into it. There were some major issues with it." Tiesse says, "Like he said, justice is a huge huge huge deal." XXX says, "i understand it also why dont guards chase me no more when im caught" Tiesse says, "It's a monster of a system, and it's amazing that he was even able to get out the new SLIP at all with the enormity of justice." Tiesse says, "But he's the Supreme Being. Badaboom." Tiesse says, "Okay, I'm going to cut you off now." Tiesse says, "Gotta get everyone on the list."

XXX says, "Mine isn't questions so much as stuff to put in the suggestion box." Tiesse nods. XXX says, "I'd like to see us be able to do things with the parts we harvest such as make bombs to throw etc." Tiesse nods. Tiesse says, "I know explosives was a topic tossed around at some point." XXX says, "and in agreement with XXX earlier, perhaps be able to at least mimic some other guild's, like draw an arcane sigal in the air even if it results in no magic. maybe have to observe them to learn this." Tiesse says, "I think that kind of stuff is dependent on the mech lore rewrite." XXX exclaims, "Hope it didn't blow up@!" Tiesse chortles softly at some secret joke. XXX says, "I won't ask about a 100th circle ability since others are dying to do this" Tiesse says, "But yes, anything related to crafting will depend on the mech lore split." Tiesse says, "Just the nature of the beast."

XXX asks, "dunno if it was asked earlier so Ill do it now. My question...Muspar'i...Bin...Yes...No?" Tiesse grins. Tiesse says, "I did mention earlier that I would like to see thiefly "outposts" in other major cities, Muspar'i being at the top of the list." XXX says, "thank ya. thats all I got" Tiesse says, "Now that we have the capability to put bins in other places aside from the major guildhalls (this establishment being a prime example), I'd like to capitalize on it." Tiesse says, "Okay, thanks, XXX. I know Muspar'i is a concern for quite a few Thieves. It needs some love." Tiesse says, "Sweet sweet Thiefly love."

XXX asks, "Are no steal areas going away? I was under the impression that the guards from new justice were going to impliment like harder to steal in zones thus taking out the need for no steal areas? That and any word on a 100th circle ability?" Tiesse ponders. Tiesse asks, "Which areas are you referring to in particular?" Tiesse says, "And no, no word yet on a 100th ability." Tiesse says, "No stealing can either mean no stealing from shops, or no stealing from players." XXX says, "Um, there were some that were left over from like the Leth fest, for almost a year (the center of Leth) things like the mongars bazaar, outside the war mage guild" XXX says, "Oh I mean stealing from players" Tiesse nods. XXX says, "There are a bunch more, and I find them pretty silly" Tiesse says, "If there's someplace you think should allow player stealing, you're welcome to post. I think the Leth thing was just forgotten for a while." XXX says, "Like the town green" Tiesse says, "However, I don't think the no stealing from players in some merchants will ever go away." Tiesse says, "So yeah, I don't think no stealing from players is going away permanently." Tiesse says, "I'm sorry if that impression was given in the past." XXX says, "Areas like the town green though" XXX says, "Where the beggar wanders and other NPCs" Tiesse nods. XXX asks, "Is there a reason its no steal?" Tiesse says, "Honestly, that was created before my time. Crossing is pretty noob-centric, so I imagine that was part of the reason." XXX asks, "Or outside the warmage guild?" Tiesse says, "The Warrior Mage guild is a special case, I think." Tiesse says, "That's something I'd need to talk to GM Wythor about." Tiesse says, "Or something you can ask him." Tiesse says, "It's also a nonviolent area, which comes into conflict with no steal." Tiesse says, "People want their revenge." Tiesse says, "But yes, if you have areas that you think should be reevaluated, feel free to post them." XXX asks, "Whats the difference between stealing from someone and running to a no conflict zone (which I also think need to go) and stealing in a no conflict zone though?" Tiesse says, "Heh." Tiesse says, "One is kind of cowardly, and the other just doesn't really make sense, to me at last." Tiesse says, "least." XXX says, "Ok" Tiesse says, "If it's going to be a stealable room, people need to be able to exact their consent in the same area."

XXX says, "This is maybe more of a philosophical question than a developmental one." Tiesse says, "I'll try to answer it as best I can." XXX says, "But lately there've been a lot of changes like finding out XXX is the super mistress, XXX getting bumped off to keep him quiet (I know it us that did it!), you being willing to thug for giving away secrets and stuff like that..." XXX asks, "it feels like we're seeing a leaner, meaner thieves guild. More of a criminal enterprise than the old school "we're all one big shady family" stuff. Is that the direction you're wanting to see things go?" XXX asks, "or am I just perceiving it that way because it's what I want?" Tiesse says, "That sounds about right. Times change." Zeyurn nods. XXX says, "I love you." Tiesse says, "I think the guild has always valued secrecy, naturally." Zeyurn says, "My opinion is it's not a thief guild if people don't die." Tiesse says, "That part has not changed." Tiesse says, "Yes, and secrecy is enforced with violence." Zeyurn says, "This is a secret organization that's under assault by the law." Zeyurn says, "It's always been mostly the case that if you do stupid stuff we smack you." XXX says, "well, I really like it. It's what I've wanted to be a part of since the beginning." Tiesse says, "That is definitely one reason why I felt comfortable taking this position, because I knew I agreed wholeheartedly with the direction Zeyurn was taking the guild in while he was Advocate." XXX asks, "that's all I had. Shake your butt again ok?" Tiesse grins. Tiesse says, "Maybe later." Tiesse says, "But yes, with the consent policy, things are touchy." Tiesse says, "However, with new profile mechanics, perhaps we can investigate new ways of handling things." XXX says, "thank you." XXX says, "Thanks, XXX. Again, this discussion can always be followed up on the forums if you want more elaboration."

XXX says, "Well my question about slips was already answered, more or less so I move on to another topic of interest for me and mebbe you can point me in the right direction." Tiesse nods. XXX asks, "For any of us that have ideas for "new poison" (such as foragables that can be cassava leaves for example) and made into poisons, who would I direct my suggestions to?" Tiesse says, "Hmm." XXX says, "And also...the pond belongs to Harvey, XXX, the Union and then the that order." Tiesse says, "Heh." Tiesse says, "Lemme look." Tiesse says, "Looks like there's an "Alchemy skill" folder in the Lore topic." XXX says, "There's a whole slew of poisonous plants that do all sorts of wonderful things" Tiesse exclaims, "I believe it!"

XXX says, "My question or feelings are of concern. I feel like I've been witnessing the once unique abilities of our guild slowly being given away. For instance, Thug has been basically removed. Sneak has been tweaked to where all guilds can master it to a 2 sec RT, and Rangers and us to 1... not much of an advantage for a stealth based guild. Stealing, hiding, and Sniping have been made weaker. Lockpick crafting has been opened to all guilds. I'm wondering how much more is going to be made open of everyone. Making it feel like we're becoming so watered down.. I know not many will speak in agreement in this forum.. but I know that MANY MANY feel like I do. in addition are the rumors of Backstabing being weakened true as well?...." Tiesse nods. Tiesse ponders. Tiesse says, "I mean, that's not really something I can answer." Tiesse says, "That's really a development issue that's over my head." Tiesse says, "I can't really comment on things that were done before me, as they were made for reasons that were unknown to me at the time." Zeyurn says, "This game has always been skill based. Everyone is able to achieve a good level of competence in pretty much every skill if they put effort into it. (I will make the first person who whispers magic to me suffer)" Tiesse says, "Design choices and such." Tiesse snickers. Zeyurn says, "Survival guilds are better but they aren't blow everyone completely out of the water better at survival." XXX says, "well the general reasons given for most of these things were.. they were too strong" XXX says, "in addition" Tiesse says, "Too strong probably meant "exceeded global caps"" XXX asks, "we are survival primary right?" Zeyurn says, "Backstab exceeds global caps currently." Zeyurn says, "How it will be changed is up in the air, since there are other things that also exceed it." XXX asks, "then why is it so hard for us to learn evasion and multi?" Zeyurn says, "You'll notice that I haven't been in any particular rush to do it." Tiesse says, "I'd have to disagree with you about that one." XXX says, "so it IS going to be weakened" Tiesse says, "Never really had a problem learning evasion and multi as my PC." XXX asks, "evasion isn't hard for us to learn?" Zeyurn says, "I never had a problem with evasion." Zeyurn says, "It was my highest skill." XXX says, "I think many many would disagree with that" Zeyurn says, "I'd suggest talking to a few people who are good at training." Zeyurn says, "And getting some tips." XXX says, "I have" Tiesse says, "Honestly, I'd rather you talk about what you are concerned with personally rather than generalizing what 'many' think." Tiesse says, "Because there are lots and lots of opinions floating around out there." Tiesse asks, "Do you mean harder to learn from creatures, like you're not gaining enough experience, or harder to mindlock?" XXX says, "I'm not speaking from my personal experience only" XXX says, "I mean it is slow to develop" XXX says, "parry too" Tiesse says, "I'm not really sure what that means." Tiesse says, "All I know is, Thieves have a pretty nice set up." Tiesse says, "Backstab will be brought within global caps some day." Tiesse says, "That is inevitable." XXX says, "like I can be ML'd in hiding and evasion... and I'll double my exp in hiding compared to evasion" Tiesse says, "This might have to do with your stats and where you are in terms of wall ranks." Tiesse says, "I don't think that's a problem with the way Thieves learn evasion, though." XXX says, "okay..." Tiesse asks, "Anything else, as you're the last on the list?" XXX says, "I've heard complaints about it for a long time" Tiesse grins.

                          • End of Meeting Extras*************

Tiesse exclaims, "Alrighty guys, thanks for coming!" Tiesse says, "Again, Raven's Court is gonna have something new in the very near future." Tiesse says, "I'll unhush the room now." Tiesse says, "Maybe some special guests there as well." Tiesse hums to herself.

XXX signs, "Oh one last thing! I seem to remember there being a guild register or list like they have in the empath guild. I miss that and our library. Just throwing it out there." Tiesse says, "Guild register is noted."

Zeyurn says, "I have to run, so if you're mean to Tiesse when I'm gone I'll smite you later." Tiesse shakes her bottom, causing the fluffy cotton tail on the back of her pink leotard to wiggle. Smack that!

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