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Bard Ability - Evoke · on 09/29/2011 01:42 PM CDT 310
The Evoke ability is now live in Prime. Essentially this is the same ability as perceive history, but with entirely new and improved code that will let us do new and nifty things. This will serve as a template for the recall system in the future.

So... what's included:
Evoke -- This is a new command, and replaces perceive history. Syntax is explained in evoke help if you have any problems. It is driven by Bardic Lore (and will teach it) under skills 3.0, PP otherwise, and is modified by charisma and discipline.

Recall Area -- Updated to use the new system. Please let me know if you encounter any oddities, otherwise this should be essentially invisible with one significant exception: In skills 3.0 it is driven by a blend of scholarship and bardic lore, weighted towards bardic lore, and will teach bardic lore. It is further modified by wisdom.

Updated Evokes -- All of the old Perceive histories should have been converted to the new system. In doing so some of them were slightly reworded, typos fixed, line breaks added etc. You may notice some changes in the skill checks as well, though nothing major. Likewise let me know if you encounter any problems here, be it typos, missing evokes, etc.

Please note that Perceive history is not entirely disabled, as it's tangled with Magic 3.0 (Which is part of why it has a separate command now). Use of Perceive History until Magic 3.0 is out, and the stability of the evoke system is established, will be unpredictable.

There are some fairly nifty features I'm quite excited about that are not on display yet, but you'll get to see them shortly once this is proven stable enough to migrate recall over.

For you TFers... this'll to you in a few more days assuming nothing blows up.

This message was originally posted in The Bards \ Game Master and Official Announcements, by DR-RAESH on the forums.