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Status: Alive
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Type: weapon alterer


Hollow Eve 425

You see Onem, a Dwarven Weaponsmith.
The left side of Onem's face is covered in massive lumpy scars which have warped its shape and texture, with small patches of hair that struggle to grow through its marred surface. On the right side of his face, a partial grey beard awkwardly hangs from pale leathery skin. A wide tan apron which is overstuffed with various tools is just barely able to be tied around his large protruding gut. He is both short and obese for a Dwarf, but his arms are surprisingly muscular.

He appears to be old for a Dwarf but it is hard to tell with all those scars.
He is in good shape.

He is holding a light haralun throwing axe in his right hand.

He is wearing a black leather eyepatch with a braided steelsilk strap, a brushed silversteel earring sporting a tiny shield charm, a short-sleeve cotton shirt splattered with oily stains, a black canvas sack covered in unidentifiable stains, some worn-out canvas pants and some black leather stomping boots with braided steelsilk laces.


Self-conscious about his appearance. Remarking upon his appearance can result in being kicked off his list. Does not send runners for coin and requires actual materials rather than deeds for materials.