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Status: Alive
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Female
Location: Crossing (Ranik Map 8b)
Type: guard

One of the few survivors of Ulf'hara Keep's destruction.

Appearance the evening Ulf'hara Keep exploded

You see Keep Guard Vathbiirk of Zoluren, a Dwarf.
Thick eyelashes frame her limpid indigo eyes, which are lined with faint signs of aging. Her blue-black hair is tied back away from her face and her long silky beard is confined by a thick silver ring etched with thorny vines. She has dark bronze skin and a stocky, but solid, figure. A few strands of grey hair also betray signs of her age.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a kertig balaclava, a charcoal grey steelsilk shirt with laced sleeves, a polished kertig hauberk bearing the crest of the Zoluren royalty, a skirmisher's shield embossed with the crest of Zoluren royalty, some crested kertig gauntlets, some black leather trousers, some steel-toed marching boots, a deep azure cloak, a dark silk sash embroidered with the crest of Zoluren and a rough burlap baldric.