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Gwolth Histmer
Status: Historical Figure
Aliases: Loomfinger
Guild: Bard
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male

From the Dwarven Timeline

1551: Gwolth Histmer (known in contemporary records as "Loomfinger Gwolth") composes the mock epic Sa Asil ("The Donkey"), in which Heksoch is punningly referred to as Helkesakh, or Wound-Foot. It travels swiftly through all Dwarven communities, and legend has it that the song caused Heksoch's beard to fall out. Sa Asil achieves the distinction of becoming the oldest piece in current bardic repertory.

Hibarnhvidar Statue

Found SE from the Inner Hibarnhvidar gate:

The famed bard Gwolth Histmer is depicted seated at a desk composing his mock epic, "Sa Asil."

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Miniature Loomfinger Gwolth figurine wielding a crimson moonsilver lyre