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Hvelga Karlkwon
Status: Alive
Guild: Paladin
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Female
Type: alterer


You see Armorsmith Hvelga Karlkwon, Steel Beard of Forfedhdar, a Dwarven Paladin.
Hvelga has a proud yet hardened warrior's face, gold-flecked ale-brown eyes and a bulbous nose. Her dark brown hair is long and thick, and is worn braided in an elegant wreath held in place by a golden diadem inlaid with blackened knotwork. She has copper skin and a brawny figure.
She is very tall for a Dwarf.
She appears to be distinguished.
She has a neatly plaited full beard interwoven with golden filaments of uthamar.
Her right temple has a tattoo of a heavily knotworked hammer with a slightly pointed, rectangular head.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing some imposing Dwarven iron armor embellished with uthamar, a somber black samite greatcloak embroidered in gold with the hammer of Kertigen, a gold and svelae livery collar displaying a soulstone triangle, a short-handled Kertigen's hammer of uthamar, a Dwarven iron pilgrim's badge resembling the icon of Emille the Fist and a Forfedhdarian livery badge.


Hollow Eve 428

Hvelga says, "Tonight I will be working on metal armor, shields, and parry sticks only."
Hvelga says, "If it's a defensive item that is made of metal, I'll work on it. Nothing magical."

Hvelga says, "If it's not metal or not armor, I can't work on it. I'm an armorsmith, not an outfitter, engineer, etc."
Hvelga says, "No leather, cloth, or bone."

Hvelga says, "I charge a base rate of 100 plats, but more complex work may cost more."

Visit 5/9/2020 to Fang Cove

Hvelga politely says, "Good evening, everyone."

Hvelga says, "I will be working with five patrons selected at random from my list. All five names will be chosen up front. If you are not chosen, there is no need to tarry here I shan't be opening the list again tonight, but may return to Fang Cove in the future."

Hvelga says, "I work on armor, shields, and parry sticks (or other such purely defensive items) that are made of METAL. I do not work on cloth, leather, or bone armor, and I do not work on weapons."

Hvelga says, "My fee is 25 plats plus 25 plats for each rare material you wish for me to incorporate. (You must provide the materials.)."

Hvelga says, "For Dwarven patrons only, I am willing to embellish with uthamar or Dwarven iron for an additional fee of 100 plats per stone for uthamar or 2 plats per stone of Dwarven iron."

Hvelga says, "I can send a runner to the bank of Fang Cove."

Hvelga says, "To clarify, I only work on purely defensive items (armor, shields, and parry sticks) that are made of metal. A helm must remain a helm. A shield must remain a shield."