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Status: Historical Figure
Aliases: King of the Mountain, Membrach Longnose
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Relatives: Heksoch, Gwaldhar

Dwarven king who entered his nation into the Elven-Human War.
Membrach is mentioned as "King of the Mountain" in Account of the Elven Human War (book).

Hibarnhvidar Albreda Shrine

From the meditation wall in Albreda's Shrine in outer Hibarnhvidar:

The artwork on this portion of the wall depicts the Kwarlog Dwarves installing a temporary "king," or in this case, "warlord." He is Membrach, called Membrach Longnose, the second-oldest member of the Council.

Hibarnhvidar Pedestal

Found in the Borg Kwarf area of the city:

A statuesque war horse in full armor paws the air with its left front hoof as it rears on its hind quarters. Firmly set in its saddle is a fierce, battle-ready Dwarf in full regalia.
A granite pedestal reads:
"Warlord Membrach Longnose"