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Jourok Halsn
Status: Dead
Guild: Warrior Mage
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Type: pirate
Associates: Grishnok, Bretari
Relatives: Maroushk

Pirate captain of the Dawnsinger, a former ZEF/Zoluren Navy ship, and member of Shark Clan. Dwarf, which is somewhat unusual for seagoing types. Jourok is a Warrior Mage and keeps a parrot as his familiar. He worked for the Red Sash at one time and was on friendly terms with Grishnok.

His twin brother, Maroushk, was killed by Zoryl. Maroushk was the captain of the Reaver at the time. It was rumored that Jourok would make Utes the new captain of the Reaver.

Bretari was his first mate. Furrd may have been one of his crewmen.

Once dropped a brass-hilted scimitar etched with the image of a ship.

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