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Cordhvirae Stonesekker
Status: Dead
Guild: Empath
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Female

Founder of the Rose Clan. She is depicted in a statue in Inner Hibarnhvidar.

Her long, curly red beard and hair accent her fawn brown eyes and pale complexion. She is clothed in a white gown fastened with a gold-braid cord. She is depicted looking skyward, holding an extremely thorny white rose in her left hand while her right rests on her bosom.

Hibarnhvidar Albreda Shrine

From the meditation wall in Albreda's Shrine in outer Hibarnhvidar:

The artwork on this portion of the wall depicts Cordhvirae Stonesekker, founder of the Cult of the Rose Maiden whose members vowed to remain celibate and serve the community.

Ain Ghazal Chateau Statue

Located in the Great Hall of the island retreat:

Facing the marble rose in the center of the Great Hall, this statue depicts a Dwarven woman kneeling with her head bowed and her hands together in a praying position. She wears a plain tunic, her hair is very short, and she is completely beardless.
A marble statue reads:
"Cordhvirae Stonesekker, Gifted Visionary"