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Farn Emdarson
Status: Dead
Guild: Warrior Mage
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Associates: Osneg, Yalvache, Zhakrhhn, Sithsia
Relatives: Yeluenne (mate)

A Dwarven Warrior Mage who raised the Standing Stones with his Company of 13 during time of Empress Merthamone. Twelve died in raising the stones (Sithsia was the sole survivor). Farn gifted Yeluenne with a ring. It is the imprint of her memories of events surrounding the raising of the stones that are subject of the Ring Visions.

Osneg, Yalvache, Zhakrhhn, and Sithsia were also part of the group.

Yeluenne was pregnant with Farn's child during his untimely death at the Zaulfung Stones.


-400 Farn's Company erects the Zaulfung Stones during the reign of Empress Merthamore

From A Study of the Zaulfung Stones by High Mage Wosykaun Ervintralao

Captain Farn Emdarson is [a weathered?] Dwarf, a Master Warrior Mage and veteran of more wars than Merth has gaudy jewels. He was an infamous mercenary and occasional privateer before the Empress hired him for life. What she promised him for that [?] [contract?], I would give my left hand to find out. He is the only one in the Company with a public reputation, and after meeting him personally, I can confirm that none of it is exaggerated.