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Status: Alive
Guild: Paladin
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Location: Hibarnhvidar
Type: Gwaerd Ordhis, Guard

Gwaerd Ordhis Grutan is Guard Commander of the Khal Gwaerdren (Stone Guards) of Hibharnvidar.


You see Gwaerd Ordhis Grutan of Forfedhdar, a Dwarven Paladin.
Grutan has heavy jowls and close-set ale-brown eyes. His mouse-brown hair is short and thick, and is worn matted down on top in a serious case of "helmet hair". He has copper skin and a stout build.
He is a bit over average height for a Dwarf.
He is in his prime for a Dwarf.
He has a thick bushy mustache that droops heavily on his upper lip and a long shaggy beard.
He is in good shape.

He is holding a light throwing axe with a bloodwood handle in his right hand.
He is wearing a branded leather holster, a teakwood heavy crossbow with a thin steel boltplate, a tooled leather belt quiver with steel studs, a brown leather belt with a blackened steel buckle, some polished steel handguards with hammered bronze rivets, a polished steel tower shield with hammered bronze rivets, a suit of field plate armor embellished with hammered bronze rivets, a leather knapsack with a pair of bronze buckles, a tooled leather weapons harness with steel studs, a deep crimson brocade cloak with a soft snowbeast fur collar, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a kyanite gwethdesuan, a pair of brown leather boots with bronze toecaps and a polished steel great helm with hammered bronze rivets.


  • During times of invasion in Hibarnhvidar he has turned out to help defend the city.
  • Appeared at the Great Gate Road (3/3/2009) to meet with any who had been at the Council of the Three Turnips.
  • Involved with the Hibarnhvidar Town Forum (8/30/2007).
  • He now carries around an ax that was donated to him along with the holster that holds it. This happened during the cleaning up of Hibarnhvidar after Tachid attached.