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Sungold at a Glance
Material Type Metals, Golds
Colors Yellow, Rose, Red, Orange, Blue, Purple
Innate Qualities Supernaturally warm
Rarity Quest-Only
Cultural Relevance
Required for Alterations Yes

Harder than normal gold but still too soft to make good weapons or armor, this multi-colored metal has a sheen that gives it the colors of sunrise/sunset, with hints of rose, red, orange, blue and purple overlaying the base yellow. This rare metal has a natural warmth, as though it has just been warmed by the light of the sun. It does not give off any light.


Svarsesh Kveldskisk is a very young Dwarven Empath who stumbled upon how to make sungold while experimenting with her magic. Sungold doesn’t actually take its warmth from the sun -- it’s just the name she decided to put on the metal due to how the process makes it look. The process does not seem to work on any other metals, though she has not tried them all. Svarsesh is a very quiet girl who was raised as part of a large family in the poor part of Hibarnhvidar.

Alteration Rules

This material is required for alterations.

Raw Material Sources


ItemSource isRarity is
Array of sungold sunburstsGiven By The Sun
Articulated chicken wings with beaten sungold feathersDroughtman's Challenge 444/Incidental lootDroughtman's Challenge 441/Incidental lootDroughtman's Challenge 437/Incidental lootDroughtman's Challenge 433/Incidental lootDroughtman's Challenge 430/Incidental lootincidental
Austere love token band formed from sungoldGiven By The Sun
Blazing sungold ring encrusted with molten-core diamondsLimited Treasures (3)
Burnished eye mask composed of sungoldGiven By The Sun
Chainmail mesh anklet constructed from sungoldGiven By The Sun
Cloudbark slurbow with a sungold boltplateGuildfest 445/Auctionauction
Crystal orlog showcasing shining star-kissed kertig clockworkItem:Shadowbark tinkerer's box with a star-kissed kertig-lined keyholeHollow Eve Festival 443/Auctionauction
Dainty sungold engagement ring cradling a white sapphireGiven By The Sun
Dark lirisan Elothean competition longbow fit with polished sungold endtipsHouse of the Revenant Fang 433/Raffleauction
... further results

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