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General Bazrid
Status: Alive
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Location: Raven's Point (Ranik Map 127)

General Bazrid has long commanded the garrison at Raven's Point against the depredations of the Dragon Priests. His headquarters are inside the Raven's Nest.


Standing over four feet tall, his face is weather-worn and lined.
Though his hair is snowy-white, his eyes are alert and full of wisdom.
Thick scars cover his muscular arms and legs. His beard has been adorned with intricate beadwork and braiding, hanging in thick curls that dangle nearly down to his knees.
He has seen many decades.
He is wearing a worn pair of knee-high boots made from scuffed black leather, some black gauntlets with small jagged spikes at the knuckles, a massive suit of dented plate armor that is adorned with spikes, an intricately strapped leather weapon harness crafted of matte black suede, a blackened target shield and a black great helm with a white plume.