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Status: Alive
Guild: Cleric
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Female
Location: Theren Cleric Shop (Ranik Map 42)
Type: shopowner

Sister Nongwen is the owner of the Theren Cleric Shop. Originally from Kwarlog before she moved to Therenborough, she has a deep love of gardening and its relation to the Clerical arts.


Standing before you, tall by Dwarven standards, is Sister Nongwen. Peeking from behind a mass of flaming red curls are bright sapphire-blue eyes with tiny laugh lines incised deeply at the corners. A full beard, entwined with thin violet ribbons, cascades almost to her waist. She is clothed in a simple beige gardener's smock with forest-green piping about the throat and hem. A matching green herbal pouch is securely attached to a cord around her waist. Occasionally a well-weathered hand will absentmindedly twist the thick mustache proudly adorning her upper lip, causing one to note the pewter ring shaped in the form of a raven with blue diamond eyes, that graces her stubby finger.