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Hvalig Thorsachsson
Status: Dead
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Relatives: Thorsach

Dwarven Prince of Garnedhren who led the dwarves from the city after his father King Thorsach was killed by the Blackfire Cabal. After befriending the Wind Elves, the dwarves and elves under his leadership returned to drive out the Cabal. However, the Cabal had already left and Garnedhren was reclaimed.

After many years, the elves treacherously attacked the dwarves, and Morganae killed Hvalig and took his crown. He was the last King of the Iron Kingdom and the surviving dwarves either joined the other Dwarven Kingdoms or eventually were twisted into Elba Darvagers by engaging in necromantic practices with Sidhlot and the Bone Elves support.