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Status: Historical Figure
Guild: Bard
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male

From the Dwarven Timeline

-2792: Kwarlog sends a mission to the Gardul Free State, lamenting the infilitration of non-Dwarven goods and services into a justly proud and self-sufficient modality of communities. The legendary blind Dwarven bard, Praktorh, composes his once celebrated, now lost, Lament to the Himineldar Streams.

Hibarnhvidar Pedestal

Found in the Borg Kwarf area of the city:

This statue depicts Praktorh, the blind Dwarven bard writing his lament over the mixing of non-Dwarven goods into their proud and self-sufficient communities in Gardul, following the formation of trade agreements with Halfling and Elven communities near Leth Deriel.
A placard reads:
Composition of "Lament to the Himineldar Streams."