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A pale, very light champagne-colored stone that occasionally throws off other colors when turned, this gem is found in the highest reaches of the Seord Kerwaith mountain range. The jewel forms as crystals in icy cavern and pockets, made from the minerals found in the mountaintops. Because it naturally crystallizes into many facets, it is almost never cut, but rather used in its natural state.

A large glittering eldring was sold in a pouch at the Magma Falls Mini-Festival auction in 395AV.

Eldring means "lightning" or "electricity" in Haakish.

This material must be provided for alterations.


ItemSource isRare item
Arrangement of eldrings inlaid in icesteelAerial Artistrytrue
Fragile smokewood haircomb dangling pear-cut eldrings upon icesteel chainstrue
Glittering crystalline eldringGame of ChickenGame of Chicken 425 prizestrue
Gold-scaled angiswaerd with firestained vardite and eldring eyesReturn to the Keep 431/Incidental loottrue
Golden-hued crystal ring capped with a small eldringHide and Seektrue
Item:Glittering crystalline eldringGame of Chickentrue
Item:Golden-hued crystal ring capped with a small eldringHide and Seektrue
Item:Large glittering eldringMagma Falls Mini-Festival Auctiontrue
Item:Opulent gown of vanilla silk swept with ginger and sorrel huesNatural Beauty (1)true
Item:Pure black cire gown with layers of pale gold shadesatin skirtsDamsel In This Dress (2)true
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