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Status: Historical Figure
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male

Garrock, King of Kwarlog, entered Kwarlog into the Elven-Human War on the side of the Humans. He also signed contracts with the Gor'Togs when they came into Forfedhdar during the Long Winter, exchanging their strength for dwarven coin, food, and housing.


  • 1015 BL Elven-Human War begins
  • 1010 BL Long Winter begins
  • 1009 BL First employment of Gor'Togs in Dwarven mines
  • 1006 BL Battle of Tov'Meod occurs near Kwarlog, signaling the turn of the Elven-Human War when the Dwarves and Humans are victorious
  • 1003 BL Elven-Human War Ends
  • 1002 BL Humans fail to honor their agreement with the Dwarves for repayment from the War
  • 1001 BL Dwarves place war reparations upon the Elves