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Status: Alive
Guild: Barbarian
Race: Dwarf
Gender: Male
Location: Unknown

Uthranalak formerly taught the Dragon Dance from a secret location.


A tremendous mane of unkempt white hair frames eyes blacker than the onyx walls that enclose this place, Uthranalak returning your gaze with a patience and calm that are almost unsettling. Garbed only in a bone-colored loincloth, the broad shoulders and corded muscles of this bearded Dwarf rest easily beneath his oddly pale skin.

Dragon Dance Teaching

Your spoken question shatters the silence that stands vigil here -- its echo fading into oblivion as your breath catches in your throat, seven pairs of eyes now focused soley your form. The flame that had filled your ears with a angry roar a short moment ago is now quiet, wavering just above the lip of the brazier. You stand transfixed beneath the stares of the seven Warriors, your inner fire swelling with pride and confidence as you await their judgment.

Six stares turn from you to focus on Uthranalak, awaiting his decision. His heavy gaze rests on you for a moment longer before he lowers his eyes to his fellow Warriors, nodding his head just once in their direction. Immediately, the circle surrounding the dim flame shifts slightly, an eighth place opening beside the powerful Dwarf. You take one last hesitant look around the room before sitting quietly next to Uthranalak, preparing yourself for the test ahead.

You glance curiously at Uthranalak out of the corner of your eye, expecting some manner of instruction, but he seems to have forgotten your presence, staring calmly once again into the wavering flame. Remembering the peace and balance of your own flame meditations, you begin to allow the silence of this sacred place to flow through your mind; your eyes focusing upon the flame's core, your concentration joining that of the Warriors who sit beside you.

The familiar resonance between an external flame and your own inner fire calms you, opening your mind and centering your spirit. Without warning, the dim flame that you had been focusing upon roars to life, searing your face with a brilliant white heat! Its raging strength blazes through your consciousness, leaving you gasping and vulnerable, the world around you abandoned in its wake.

As suddenly as the furious assault on your mind began, it ends; you find yourself staring into a boundless sea of red-orange light, Uthranalak standing before you, the tremendous axe of Gorathrumal grasped in his right hand. He looks towards you, his eyes filled with a terrible fury, and emits a thunderous cry of war, throwing his arms out and his head back as if struck by Firulf's lightning, his entire body quivering with power.

He moves with a blinding speed and a raging strength that press far beyond the limits of mortals; he is fury incarnate. His great axe cleaves flame-borne attackers as if it were simply an extension of his will; his body infused with the deadly grace of an Elf, his strikes landing as if swung by the power of a Gor'Tog. It is as if Everild himself Danced before your eyes, such is the force contained within the fire of this Dwarf.

The rage in his eyes finds your fiercely proud stare, and he roars toward you once, throwing himself back into crazed heat of battle. Without thought, you find yourself charging into melee, your inner fire building into a Berserker fury, but your mind retaining control. You swing with a terrible strength into the first of your foes, the heavy sword in your hands ripping through both the air and your enemy as if they were of the same substance.

Your mind burns with the form of the Dragon, and your body moves with a strength and wild grace that seem almost foreign. Rage pulses through your heart as if it were blood, every fiber of your being infused with its power and lust for battle. You Dance beside Uthranalak, and it is as if you feel alive for the very first time, as if existence without fury was devoid of sensation.

Above the clash of battle, you hear Uthranalak calmly speak a solitary word....


With a dizzying shift of perspective, you find yourself back in the circle of seven, each Warrior smiling proudly in your direction. You look over to Uthranalak to find his black eyes warm with approval. You stand, slightly unsteady, but full of pride at your success. The Elothean Warrior sitting across from Uthranalak in the circle speaks to you in a soft voice, "Go well, Barbarian, you have earned it on this day."