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Worran Shortgem
Status: Dead
Guild: Commoner
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Type: shopowner

Worran walked the Starry Road during the closing moments of Hollow Eve 432.


You see Fisherman Worran Shortgem, a Halfling Commoner. Worran has an oval face, sparkling crystal green eyes and a small nose. His golden hair is very long and thick, and is worn loose, tucked behind his ears. He has tanned skin and a pot-bellied figure.
He appears to be venerable.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a straw hat, a weathered brown traveling cloak, a long-sleeved vertically striped shirt with opal buttons, a woven reed fishing creel, a pair of tan trousers lined with multiple pockets along each leg, and some scuffed boots made from a patterned animal's hide.

Ask Worran about Fish

Fisherman Worran bobs his head excitedly. "Yes yes! There are fish both small and large, some you'd eat and some that'd eat you!"

He continues, "There are graylings, pickerels, snooks and trouts, breams, gillies, flounders and perch. Sometimes there's the odd turtle or bits of trash." He shrugs.

Worran says, "It's all fun, though. Just grab a pole, some line and hooks and a bit of bait and head off to your favorite spot. Rivers, streams, island shores and the ocean all have their own particular types! Find a fishmonger to show off your catches to. You can even weigh them to see how they compare to those caught by others! Prize weights may even sell better!"

Ask Worran about Offer

Fisherman Worran's eyes light up. He leans in and whispers, "Now I don't want to spook you, but for a reasonable fee of 200 Platinum Dokoras, I'll send you on an adventure to catch a variety of fish from around the realms. If you manage to bring them all back before the spider moves on, I'll give you a special tackle box as a reward."

Ask Worran for Task

Fisherman Worran looks you up and down. He says, "I will offer a task to you, but you must pay me in order to do it. I will not ask much of you, and you could certainly pay others to do the bulk of the work for you, but I still will require a fee of 200 platinum dokoras before I offer work."

Fisherman Worran continues, "It's steep. Aye. But the reward I offer will supply you with fishing supplies for the rest of your life with only a small wait after use for its energies to gather once again."

Fisherman Worran leans in and says, "I met a tinker that showed me his own tackle box. He put in a handful of gems, gave it a gentle rub and when he opened it before my very eyes, the gems were gone! Instead, there was fishing line and baits and hooks! Just like that! He taught me how to make my own, and now I'm here to share such a tackle box with you!"

Fisherman Worran steps back and looks at you again. "If you pay my fee and complete my task, I will give you such a box. If you pay my fee and fail to complete the task, I will NOT offer a refund. You are paying for the right to accept my task, not to complete it. When the spider leaves, so do I, until next it returns. Proceed at your own risk. This is not negotiable. You should also know that I will only allow you to do this task once. If you have family, they can pay to do it themselves as well, but you will not be allowed to repeat this after you complete it. I will concede, however, that you may freely trade, gift or sell your tackle box should you finish my task to get it. Doing so, however, does not entitle you to do my task again."

Ask Worran about Tackle Box

Worran thumps his metal tackle box and smiles proudly. "Right bit of special that thing is. Put some gems in from time to time, and it'll eat them and spit out some fishing supplies, too! Gems are easy to get no matter where you are, but finding a good bit of line or the right hook. You gotta prepare for that! Until the secrets of these beauties were found, of course!"

Worran leans in and whispers, "You can have one, too. Those who complete a little TASK, after paying of course, will get one. They're special, though, so only one per customer, but you can gift, sell or trade it later on. If you lose your mind of course. Why would anyone want to give up a bottomless tackle box is beyond me!"