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Status: Unknown
Guild: Thief
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Location: Unknown

A halfling thief formerly imprisoned in a cage in Theren Keep for stealing a powerful magical orb. He was held there for at least 18 years (in-game time) because he would not tell where he had hidden the orb. Interestingly, the orb was hidden in Theren Keep's southeast tower loft. Kelvin escaped in October 2001 and ran to Muspar'i (introducing Fornsted, Hvaral, and Muspar'i to the game).

The Orb

[Southeast Tower, Loft]
The night sky is visible through panes of shimmering crystalline glass, spanning the entire roof of this secluded loft. A sloping bedframe swept with layered down comforters provides guests with a luxuriant cradle for romantic diversions or a simple hideaway to enjoy the pristine skyward view. You also see a shiny silver telescope and a crystal orb resting atop a polished cedar stand.
Obvious exits: down.

You tap the crystal orb which makes an odd metallic sound.

The crystal orb pulses softly at your touch, a faint blue light flaring within its core!
The crystal orb glows more brightly, bathing the loft with a romantic azure luminescence. Your senses throb with heightened awareness.
Brilliant yellow sparks dance within the orb like tiny fireflies.
The azure glow flickers briefly, shifting through myriad shades of lavender as your body starts to tingle.
Swirling colors illuminate the skylight which melts into a hypnotic scene born of your imagination. All worries wash away, and your mind overflows with thoughts of those most dear.
The crystal orb pulsates increasingly faster with each passing hue, roving through the spectrum in random bursts. A throbbing radiance warms your skin.
Overhead, the skylight portrays your most joyous memories, the sights and sounds so vivid it seems you relive each precious moment.
The light merges into a single beam, cutting across the room like a swelling rainbow until it penetrates the skylight and floods the moonswept heavens in a dazzling array of color.
The crystal orb hums with energy...
The rainbow solidifies into a midnight star-laden field gleaming with pale light and immeasurable darkness. One tiny star stands apart from the rest and surges brighter with each pulse, craving the release of suppressed cosmic energies. The chamber resonates with power.
Suddenly, a dazzling white flash envelops you as the crystal orb erupts with a high-pitched wail!

Your body writhes as if struck by a bolt of lightning, but the sensation passes, leaving you flushed and out of breath, yet still shivering from the experience.
Somewhere in the distance you hear the soft lilting of a violin.

The crystal orb pulses softly in time with your heartbeat, like the wake of a passing storm.
Still humming contentedly, the crystal orb clouds over, casting a gentle pink haze throughout the loft.

You feel invigorated!
The frisky orb wavers, its fading light winking one last time before the glow all but disappears from its crystal heart.