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Borrugar Steadfoot
Status: Dead
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male

The "Merchant Magician," Borrugar was a Halfling widely considered by modern Moon Mages to be a revolutionary researcher and astute salesman. Born in the chaotic decades following the collapse of the Empire, Borrugar traveled with gypsies until the rest of his caravan was attacked and killed by Faenrae Reavers. He worked after that as the clerk for an elderly Trader, inheriting his great wealth when he finally passed away. He used that wealth to buy himself a manor in Riverhaven and equip himself with all he would need to become a master tinker and enchanter, and finally joined the Moon Mage guild.

Borrugar was responsible for many inventive magical discoveries, including: the Everflowing Fountain of Zoluren's baronial manor, which flows endlessly with water into a similarly enchanted basin that evaporates it before it spills over; the Ivory Chalice of Borrugar, which was a smaller version of the Fountain; the Chimes of Disruption, which imbued an object with sonic energy and allowed enchantments to be placed within it; and the Aura Sight spell, which is still in use to this day.

The Aura Sight spell was derived from the pre-Imperial Elven grimoire known as the Arte of the Black Cockatrice, which Borrugar had developed a dangerous interest in acquiring and translating. He procured a mostly-complete copy, from which he derived some of the formulas for the spell as well as notes on the so-called "Mithricine Key", an enchantment of unknown purpose.

As Borrugar prepared the dark rituals to build the key, he instructed his guards (a sect of Fortune's Path gypsies he trusted in his home) to remain outside of his workshop no matter what sounds they heard from inside. He was discovered later that same night by the same people, his body horribly (but silently) mangled and reeking like three-week old carrion.

By the time the Moon Mage Council had heard of the tale, they demanded the grimoire, but it could not be found and was thought stolen. Borrugar's body was entombed on his estate, which was left to the gypsies he cared for in life, and his memory is both that of a great mind and a cautionary tale to those that would follow in his footsteps.

Painting from the Riverhaven Guildhall

Layer upon careful layer of paint builds up the image of a roguish Olvi male holding an ivory chalice cupped between his hands. A small brass label adorns the lower edge of the frame.
Precise script reads, "Borrugar Steadfoot, The Merchant Magician."

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