Halfling lad

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red-headed Halfling lad
Status: Alive
Guild: Bard
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Location: Arthe Dale


The Halfling lad bears an unruly mop of flame-red hair on top of his head that, despite a half-hearted attempt to tuck it behind his ears, seems determined to hang down in his eyes. A rust-brown tunic covers his sturdy frame, complimenting dark forest green trews that are tucked into well-worn leather boots. Though clad in curiously somber hues for a member of his race, he bears a brightly embroidered badge on his tunic's breast -- an amber wren perched upon a glittering silver gauntlet over a lute of twisted brass and gold threads.


The Halfling lad is located just outside the gates of Arthe Dale.


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