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Brindle Roundtoe
Status: Alive
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Location: Sutler's Wagon (Ranik Map 68a)
Type: shopowner

Brindle Roundtoe is the owner of Sutler's Wagon.


The Halfling owner, perched on a stool in the wagon, swings his feet back and forth, only stopping to take the occasional order. His large but furry feet are amazingly clean considering the area. A small pipe hangs out the corner of his mouth.

Conversation Topics

  • The Last: Looking at you nervously, Brindle quickly says, "Yeah, well I wouldn't want his job. My shop's got wheels for a reason."
  • Fenhalut: Brindle nods eagerly, "Oh he's a good leader, I think. The rank and file seem to like him alright. Of course, he doesn't have much use for you if you aren't a Ranger or a Paladin." He shrugs.
  • Grimnur: Furrowing his brow, Brindle says quietly, "That crazy Human probably sees too much." Looking at you, he adds, "He can tell you much, too, if you're careful."
  • Eothim: Shaking his head, Brindle says, "He thinks he's so smart, that Elf. Well he doesn't think my supplies are good enough for him." Putting his hands on his hips defiantly, he asks you, "Now did you know the Roundtoes were held in very high esteem once? Yes sir, very high!"
  • Mhar: Brindle snorts and then exclaims, "I ain't done nothing to that Dwarf but he won't let bygones be bygones!" He wrings his hands as he gets red in the face, saying, "The Roundtoes didn't run, we were protecting supply lines!"
  • Brent: Brindle smiles fondly and says to you, "Oh aye, that old Ranger makes some of the best non-Olvi ale I've tasted."
  • Doritee: Brindle rubs the back of his neck and says, "That woman and her kids, quite the unique lot they are. I don't know where they all come from, but I know they ain't buying their woolens from me, that's for sure." The Halfling gives a dejected snort before turning his attention to an inventory ledger.
  • Dark Hand: Brindle's small form shudders and he looks at you oddly, obviously shaken by your question. He says slowly, "The Emerald Knights have kept it back this long. Well, except for when the Arm fell..." Smiling nervously, Brindle quickly says, "The Roundtoes survived by our ingenuity, we did."
  • Shadow Clan: Brindle's eyes widen fearfully and he hops frantically from his stool. Looking around nervously, he hisses, "Shhhh! They're out there and probably listening right now!" Glancing out a small window, he yanks the shades before continuing, "They look like men and women, but they're the un-living minions of the Dark Hand! I heard they come from the shadows of the forest and eat your brains!" Brindle shakes his head vigorously as if to rid it of some horrible vision. "Let's don't talk about it anymore, eh?"
  • Emerald Knights: "They're a fine legion - skilled and dedicated, surely," Brindle says, nodding eagerly. Under his breath, he adds, "Of course they think they're too good for my goods... see where that lands 'em."