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Deeder Jonathan
Status: Historical Figure
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Relatives: Kelly

A halfling moon mage by profession, alchemist by natural inclination. Sole heir through a series of calamities to the enormous Jonathan fortune (Jathur was originally named Jonathan's Town, after Deeder's grandfather who founded and largely owned it), Deeder expended all his wealth in alchemical studies. Though largely self-taught his early years were crowned with success. He established the Principle of Opposing Forces as a process of sublimation rather than incorrigible antagonism, and combined alchemically created substances with magical incantations to produce extraordinary results. It may be said that no alchemist before his time even imagined the Unity of Magics. Deeder envisioned it and put the matter into practice, achieving effects that would force his more ambitious colleagues to engage in cross-disciplinary studies. What is more, Deeder Jonathan was generous with his time and money. The art of alchemy is forever in his debt.

Deeder's final 20 years were, alas, sad ones. He sought a means to turn lead into gold and vice versa, but being single-minded decided to concentrate exclusively on the latter operation, first.

Deeder sold all his worldly goods and begged for years in order to purchase small quantities of gold for his experiments. Having achieved this goal, he was heartbroken to discover that nobody particularly cared to have their gold reduced to lead. Deeder vanished the following year, most likely a desperate suicide.

One of his greater works was the artifact Deeder's Lockpick, created for his brother Kelly.