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Amiss DeRhi
Status: Dead
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: Halfling
Gender: Female
Type: merchant
Associates: Demosel
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Moon Mage and merchant. From the Fortune's Path sect. One of Demosel's first and best students from the short-lived Leth guildhall.


She has hazel eyes, shoulder length thick dark brown hair that is tousled, and rosy skin.
She is elderly for a Halfling.
She is holding a gilded scroll in her right hand.
She is wearing thin silver spectacles, a cloak of churning mists, a pale silver moonflower, a circlet of silver set with a luminous moonstone, some worn leather sandals and a shimmering robe woven of prismatic strands of light.


An elderly Halfling sits in a stone-walled study, squinting over a gilded scroll through thin silver spectacles. An errant breeze draws her attention as it tussles her hair. She gazes upwards, "She wasn't enough for you? No, I suppose not. Nor will I be. I've seen it in the cards, that and so many other things. But that's just the problem, isn't it?"

  • Amiss's fate has unravelled.

It has been 413 years, 161 days since the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer. (Aug 01, 11:53 PM EST)

OOC summary, source unknown

The first "new" character that wasn't introduced ever in the Chadi/Zai days was Amiss -- even though her tent had been there long before. Amiss' first few encounters with the Moon Mages was her showing off Demosel's Fortune Path Tokka Cards (and since she could make her own, it's rumored that she's also in the Fortune Path sect) in her private tent and then again holding a meeting with some players about The Ways. Later on, Amiss sent a letter in to Waerd Aev that outlined some vague hints about the original players -- nothing too specific though, just a little background to get the players' minds going. Actually, I think Amiss might have been created by Chadi when he first came back for a few months and left again, but I'm not sure -- I'm pretty sure Amiss was played/started by Caymus though. Amiss took part in many events and many festivals, but none that are Mirror Wraith Prophecy related at all -- Even though her name's on the obelisk. Something of note though is that Amiss was one of Demosel's first and pride students in her short-lived Leth Guildhall. That's pretty much the last we've heard of her.