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Beeanna Donee
Status: Alive
Race: Halfling
Gender: Female
Location: Fine Leaf's End
Type: shopowner

Beeanna Donee is owner of Fine Leaf's End in Riverhaven.


Beeanna Donee, at first glance, retains the common halfling traits. She is short, rotund, and has very bushy foot hair. But after watching her for a few moments, it becomes obvious that her disposition is more like a battle hardened dwarven warrior than a sociable halfling merchant. Beeanna always seems to have her long olvio pipe, taking care never to go too long between puffs. Beeanna very rarely smiles, but she always appears to be at least a bit pleased by another sale. As you continue to watch her, you also notice that one of her eyes wanders about the room apparently of its own accord.