Shifty Halfling

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Shifty Halfling
Prime Status: Alive
Race: Halfling
Location: Corn Maze

The shifty Halfling is wrapped in a concealing longcoat. Nothing about her mannerisms makes you think you could trust her for even a moment.

The shifty Halfling specializes in particular prizes from Corn Maze. She will accept 6 prizes (must be offered in the special sack she gives), and in exchange will give you 1 alternative prize from the same pool. In essence, you can trade in items you don't want for a CHANCE at something else -- it's possible she may hand you back something you exchanged! All selection is handled randomly. All exchanges are final.



The shifty Halfling leans in and whispers, "No names. I don't need to know who you are, and I don't care. You're either interested in my offerings or you're not. Silly adventurers leave stuff lying around for the grounds' janitors to take. Pah. I make a business out of their discarded trash. You want something? Let's talk. Otherwise, move along and don't draw attention."

Trade, Deal, and Exchange

A shifty Halfling nods. "Yeah yeah yeah, sure sure sure. You want it, I gots it, if the trade is right. You need one of these here sacks, though." pulls a large canvas sack bearing a jaggedly stitched emblem from longcoat and shows it to you.
[ASK HALFLING FOR a SACK. Put any of the prizes you're willing to part with in, and GIVE SACK TO HALFLING to initiate the exchange. Do NOT put something in the sack unless you are willing to lose it!]


A shifty Halfling steps closer and quickly tucks a large canvas sack bearing a jaggedly stitched emblem into your right hand. "Be discreet now, eh? Just put the goods in there and GIVE it back to me, we'll see if any of it is worth my time."