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Usage: GRUNT <person | creature | object> - you'll grunt at target.


Dwarves also have the most detailed system of grunts:

Since you are a Dwarf, you may also add an emote thus:
GRUNT [emote] or GRUNT <person> [emote].
You cannot add emotes to GRUNT <creature> or <object>.
angrily calmly cautiously cheerfully coldly
confidently coyly curtly darkly dreamily
dryly emphatically enigmatically excitedly firmly
greedily grumpily guardedly haggardly happily
harshly hauntingly helplessly hesitantly hopefully
hopelessly innocently kindly laughingly longingly
loudly lovingly matter-of-factly meekly mischievously
mockingly nervously painfully patiently playfully
quietly rancidly regretfully sadly sarcastically
sheepishly slowly smugly softly sternly
sweetly teasingly tenderly tiredly weakly
wistfully wryly