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Tidworth Baretta
Status: Alive
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Type: alterer

Tidworth made his first appearance in March 2020, in Fang Cove.


You see Tidworth Baretta, a Halfling.
He has an angled face framed by a strong jawline, twinkling green eyes, and a pinched nose. His untamed platinum hair has bright green streaks, and he has a thin and awkward build.
He is rather tall for an Olvi.
He is a pipesmoker.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a crisp bowler hat banded with smoi leather bronze-rimmed goggles, a pair of brown suspenders, a smoi leather backpack, an off-white side-buttoned shirt, some fingerless gloves tailored from smoi leather, a pair of brown twill breeches with upturned cuffs and a pair of beige clogs.


  • Tidworth exclaims, "My speciality is mechanical things. If it whirs, springs, ratchets, cranks, spins, or buzzes, I can probably work on it!"
  • Tidworth says, "That said, I learned my love for tinkering on the farm, and have spent my fair share of time around animals. I'll also work on pets, but just your pet, not their home."
  • Tidworth says, "I've been asked to work on things. My favorite things are mechanical things."
  • Tidworth asks, "The tarantulas I can take a look at. Does someone have one to show me?"
  • Tidworth exclaims to Dreamheart, "At least anything out of a tinkering book!"
  • Tidworth says to Kalinandra, "I can work on the practice boxes.
  • Tidworth whispers, "About all I can do on orlogs is change them from gold to silver or copper." May still apply to older orlogs, but Tidworth can alter the TAP & LOOK on orlogs from Tick Tock (2022).

EZAtmo Items

  • Tidworth says, "I work with mechanical devices, or add mechanics to devices. I do not work with magical items."
  • Tidworth says, "I'm going to be picking 5 names for a special session today. Those will have their mechanisms brought to life."
  • <Person> asks, "Are you working on pets by chance?"
  • Tidworth says to <Person>, "If they are mechanical pets, yes."
  • Tidworth says, "If they breathe, no."
  • <Person> asks, "A Dove Charm?"
  • Tidworth says to <Person>, "Does it fly on its own? If so, no."
  • <Person> asks, "Tidworth, what about adding some gear-type element to a pauldron?"
  • Tidworth says to <Person>, "We can probably do that."
  • Tidworth says, "I have to build your idea, so expect things to work maybe a bit differently than you planned."
  • <Person> asks, "Would jewelry be considered mechanical if it has hinges and such, or if sculpted into a figure?"
  • Tidworth says to <Person>, "I can work with it, but it would have to have more than a hinge when we were done."
  • Tidworth says, "No weaponry."
  • No additional ATMO could be added to the orlogs from Tick Tock (2022)
  • A pair of pearlescent valkyrie wings with sungold feathers was likely eligible for work


An arrow-shaped sign with "AMMUNITION RULES" written on it reads:


1. I don't generate ammunition, I alter one stack that you give me.
2. Crossbow, bow, and sling ammunition can be altered.
3. No noun changes.
4. This is a TAP-only alteration, no LOOK will be added.
5. No words written on the ammunition.
6. If you want rare materials, expect to need a LOT for big stacks.
7. Your ammunition can still break.