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Poga Bouton
Status: Alive
Race: Halfling
Gender: Female
Type: alterer

Journeywoman Poga Bouton has a focus on buttons, all customers must be willing to incorporate buttons of some sort into their design. Her first public appearance was during Hollow Eve Festival 428.


You see Journeywoman Poga Bouton, an Olvi Button Crafter.
Poga has a round face, thick-lashed leaf-green eyes and a button nose. Her lavender hair is shoulder length and thick, and is worn pulled back in a looped series of beaded braids. She has rosy skin and a plump figure.
She is tiny for an Olvi.
She appears to be an adult.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a mismatched assortment of buttons strung together on a violet cord, a linen blouse, some pint-sized overalls fastened with bronze buttons, some button-covered tin canisters affixed to sturdy leather belt, a sturdy pair of buttoned brown boots and a leather journey pack affixed with buttons of all colors.


Poga exclaims, "I figured while everyone sees if they want to be on the list, I will talk a bit of what I can do!"

Poga says, "I'm still a journeywoman and not a master yet, so I can work on most everything, but not things of primarily magical nature."
Poga exclaims, "However!"

Poga says, "Because buttons are my craft, I will ask that a button of some sort needs to be incorporated into what you want to do."
Poga exclaims, "So yes, buttons are very useful!"
Poga exclaims, "They can be decorative, functional, anything you dream of!"

Poga says, "I absolutely work with containers."
Poga says, "All I ask is that there is a button somewhere."
Poga says, "It's okay if the button is only visible up close."

Poga exclaims, "I have lots of buttons! I came prepared!"
Poga says, "Yes, I can make buttons out of metals."
Poga exclaims, "Yes and gems can be buttons too!"
Poga says, "I use glue too, so buttons can go on firmer materials."