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Dindobeld Brambleburrow
Status: Alive
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
Type: alterer

You see Card Sharp Dindobeld Brambleburrow, Rounder of Elanthia's Finer Gambling Establishments, a Halfling.
Dindobeld has an oval face with laugh lines, mismatched eyes, one turquoise and the other obscured by an Imperial sapphire encrusted black thornweave eyepatch, and a freckled nose. His jet-black hair is short and wavy, with a distinguished greying that starts at the temples and continues along his bushy, mutton-chop sideburns. He has weathered skin and a rotund build.
He is average height for a Halfling.
He appears to be elderly.
He has an elegantly trimmed mustache on his upper lip and a long, neatly trimmed goatee.

He is in good shape.

He is holding a burning hand-rolled cigar in his right hand.
He is wearing a flat-topped black dergatine hat sporting a boobrie plume from its golden khiynit band, some black ialalhe suspenders with etched moonsilver clasps, a vibrant dragonfire brocade waistcoat lined by sumptuous lava samite, a pressed silveress shirt with rolled three-quarter length sleeves, a heavy tyrium ring exquisitely inlaid with the Estate Holder's crest, a dragon-scale hide tago sheath with a Teiro's Hate ruby clasp and a pair of Imperial weave breeches secured by molten-core diamond inset buttons.


  • Dindobeld says, "Second. I'll work on most things. No cambrinth though, so don't ask."
  • Dindobeld says, "And if you cross my hands with substandard materials, I'm going to charge you extra for the denegration of my noble self."
  • Dindobeld says, "If you have to ask if something is substandard, it likely is."
  • Dindobeld says, "If you have to ask if you can afford my work, I suggest you save yourself the time and trouble of considering it."

Last Session Rules

  • Dindobeld says, "Seeing as we're coming up on the end of the festivities I'm going to change my usual rules up a little bit, so as to properly take as much of your coin as possible."
  • Dindobeld says, "That being said, I'm not limiting my work to only the finest of materials. And I'm cutting my prices."
  • Dindobeld says, "Those who do choose to work with the finest of materials will still get a pricing discount."
  • Dindobeld says, "If you want something like matching jewelry... I'll do it for wedding bands/rings/whatevers only, but they have to both be identical."
  • Dindobeld says, "I don't have time to fiddle with the fine detailed actions on a siegery piece."
  • Dindobeld says, "The appearance and whatnot though, yes."
  • Dindobeld says, "No divination tools, cambrinth, soulstones, chakrel, or familiar talisman."

Note: In the Platinum, Dindobeld offers a service where he will create crafted items from raw materials. This service is NOT available in other game instances. This is due to the limited population in Platinum, and their relative lack of access to players with very high crafting skill numbers.