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Gwindahl We'Larin
Status: Dead
Guild: Unknown
Race: Halfling
Gender: Male
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You see Gwindahl We'Larin, a Halfling
He has milky white eyes, short curly honey hair that is loose, and tanned skin.
He is young for a Halfling.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing an ice-blue celestite ring, a kyanite gwethdesuan, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a shadowy-black cloak, a silver-edged scabbard, some black hunting leathers, a woven black mesh bandolier brushed along the edges with silver, some black ankle boots and a silver amulet.

From Ranik's Encyclopedia

a halfling, carries around a box filled with these disease infested rats, Ichor Rats, they have been named. They are not any more dangerous than other rats, when searched they explode releasing a plague. Was searching for his Anli'Jalbreth means Gold Fish in Gamgweth. Was killed by the L'Karm/their Demon Daderil and departed to the Starry Road

From Pentaith's Encyclopedia

Gwindahl is a former adventurer who was captured and subverted by the L'Karm. His mind was shattered, and he was driven insane, set upon a quest for the Anli' Jalbreth. Gwindahl, at the L'Karm's order, began conducting experiments on rats, creating the ichor rats... Gwindahl set these ichor rats lose through the Crossing and Shard, spreading the deadly ichor plague, killing many. In addition, Gwindahl has abducted and tortured several people in an attempt to gain information. He later regained his sanity, and attempted to help stop the L'Karm, but the L'Karm's leader, Ralel, sent the assassin Daderil to kill Gwindahl.

"Gwindahl's Real Motivation" by Romeode Ligreth

Gwindahl replied, "Thats what they did to me. They captured me and did sumpin to my head... This is the most lucid time I've had in what seems like years. Let me tell you the the Anli'Jalbreth was their idea of a joke. Made me thought I caught it ... drove to the brink of madness then sent me out on some revenge... Gave me the idea of creating the rats. Now those critters are loose in the world." I sighed again in sympathy for him.

Gwindahl said, "And don't feel sorry for me Romeode. I am still their tool even now. I fear it won't take long for them to reclaim me." "Can we do nothing to help you?" I asked him.

Gwindahl shook his head, "Besides death. And like you I won't walk to the gallows. Even with my soul in balance... The madness lerks just over my left ear. I can feel its grip even now. It will only grow and grow. Til nothing of what I was will exist anymore."

"How did they tie Lailoni into all this? did you save her life once?" I asked.

Gwindahl nodded at me, "I helped her once. I bought some rats from her. They were pets. My first experiments... Now you know how far down the road I have went. With her blood on my hands." ...Suddenly Gwindahl exclaimed, "You know where the Anli'Jalbreth is don't you!"

I sighed. It was coming back on him.

"Yeah ..." Gwindahl repeated, "You know where the Anli'Jalbreth is don't you!"

I grabbed Gwindahl by the shoulders and shook him! He coughed and then said, "It just happens Romeode."

I nodded at him. He was obviously distraught, shaking his head with tears running down his cheeks.

"L'Karm Romeode ..." he gritted his teeth, "Don't ever ferget that name. can see the Gorbesh. But L'Karm anyone can be L'Karm."

a wood-slat box

This wood-slat box was owned by Garfaldo, then auctioned.

This box was used by Gwindahl prior to the L'Karm invasions led by Ralel. Gwindahl used this box to spread poisonous ichor rats all over Zoluren. Gwindahl was brainwashed by Ralel into developing these rats as part of Ralels master plan. Gwindahl would soon be assassinated however, after Ralel found out that he was having second thoughts.

LOOK>The box is constructed of thin wood slats and closed with loops of thick twine.