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Dispel (spell) Scroll-only Spell
Abbreviation: -
Prerequisites: two of Gauge Flow, Burden, Seal Cambrinth, Imbue, Manifest Force, Lay Ward, Ease Burden or Strange Arrow
Signature: No
Spell Slots: 2
Mana Type: Analogous Patterns
Spell Type: battle / utility
Difficulty: intermediate
Prep (min/max): 15 / 100
Skill Range (min/max): 80 / 800
Valid Spell Target: Self, PC, Creature
Duration (min/max): Instant
Justice: Unknown
Corruption: Unknown
Description: Dispel attempts loosen the lines of spell energy that make up a pattern or matrix on its target. Lunar and Holy manifestations of this magic tend to produce a spell-killing light, whereas Life and Elemental ones accomplish the dispel by removing a linchpin element from the spell. Each type varies somewhat in effectiveness when pitted against spells of other mana types. It may be cast defensively at oneself or offensively at others.
Effect: dispels one magical effect
Example Messaging: LUNAR:

Rays of dim grey light shine upon you steadily. For several moments, your world is cast in a sharp sheen of blacks and whites as your spell seeks out an energy pattern to undo.
A burst of pearl-white light explodes above your head and strews motes that flurry around you. They burn out almost immediately as your spell seeks out an energy pattern to undo.
The very air around you appears to bleed, liquid lines of brown kissed with yellow and green running down in distinct courses along invisible grooves. The liquid evaporates before reaching the ground as your spell seeks out an energy pattern to undo.
Amber aether seeps into visibility, flowing in a current that ebbs away from you. It slowly diffuses as your spell seeks out an energy pattern to undo.
Based on what magic you are 'hiding' as.

Contest Type: mind / willpower
Devices/Tattoos: No devices or tattoos documented.