Albarian Races

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The Luethra

The Luethra are a long-lived, advanced race. Their civilization began around the the same time as the Elves and Dwarves -- while the latter two controlled and were for the most part the sole occupants of Kermoria for much of early history, the Luethra held the same stature on Albaria. Even after the coming of other races in the south, the Luethras remained the dominant race for a considerable time, and this period of domination over Albaria is divided into four ages. Their civilization is long since fallen now, though, and we know little about them and how they actually lived save that their lifespans were comparable to the Elven/Dwarven lifespans, that they were magically powerful, and that they had a keen interest in astrology.

The Gnomes

A small race of tinkerers and mechanics, the Gnomes appeared were the second race to appear on Albaria. Tiny, the Gnomes in their society honor their smallness -- the shorter a Gnome is, the more they are revered and acknowledged in their culture. Where the Luethras, and later the Gorbesh, strove for complete unity, the Gnomes separated, forming several distinctive societies.

The Shaerek

A race of avian humanoids living in the high, frozen mountains of northwestern Albaria, the Shaerek are a theocratic society. They worship a singular Bird-God, and their civilization is led by their High Priest. Because they live so high up, there is a great physical boundary between the Shaerek and the rest of the continent. But it is not for that reason alone that they are a reclusive people -- it is also due to their belief in the White Wind. The White Wind is a being/occurance that protects the Shaerek by obliterating their enemies with fierce winds. To retain this protection, the Shaerek must strive for purity, thus their reluctance to involve themselves with the other peoples. They are not a hostile race, though -- they have been cooperative with the Luethras and Gnomes.

The Nirejis

Standing taller than a Gnome and a Dwarf, but still quite shorter than a Human, the Nireji race has not had a tremendous impact on the course of Albarian history. With their stout stature, muzzled faces, almost furry bodies, and clawed hands, a Nireji closely resembles a mole -- and like those beings, the Nirejis also prefer the safety and comfort of burrowed-out homes. Short lived, lacking powerful magic, and never attaining a centralized government, the Nirejis were essentially carried along with the flow of history, never rising above their simpler existence.

The Gorbesh

A militaristic, conquering race are the Gorbesh -- they brought about an Empire in Albaria, taking up the legacy of the Luethra. Tall, bulky, and powerful, the Gorbesh are expert warriors, boat-builders, and sailors. The Gorbesh are also extremely religious, relying upon astrology and prophecy in their Empire. In recent times, a group shot off from the main Gorbesh society -- the Kaldar seek to return to the purer, natural lives their people lived long ago.

The Ocular

A mysterious race, the Ocular possess powers of shape-shifting. The ability to take on forms of others, with cost, makes their goals all the more dangerous. At the dictates of their God, the Ocular have attempted to spread chaos, war, and dissent throughout all Elanthia. While their society exists in Albaria, the Ocular have also spread out, with some even living in Kermoria and the Qi Archipelago.