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Merion is a god worshipped by the Gorbesh and the Kaldar, which are an offshoot of mainstream Gorbesh society.

With her Domain of Fire, Merion is the most favored of all goddesses save Orisas. Merion is the protector -- her flames bring safety, warmth, and comfort. Merion is a kindly mother; she nurtures her children in the light of her fires. She is, like her husband Tieheq, a great warrior, and she will brutally fight to defend the Gorbesh peoples. It is Merion that devised the arts of Forging; with her Fire and Tieheq's Iron, the two did make great weapons. Merion's blessing is called for by blacksmiths and warriors alike; she rides at her husband's side in battle. It is the Lady of Fire that slays Misiumos to bring a reprieve from the ice and snow to Albaria; the battle of the sisters is told in the Miuhl Cycle. Her planet is Maeben.

Additional Sources


ItemSource isRare item
Dark piece of polished flint sculpted into the likeness of an ImmortalHollow Eve Festival 439/Game prizestrue
Hollow Eve Festival 436/Game prizes/Material options
Porcelain toy clothed in vestmentsHollow Eve Festival 436/Game prizesHollow Eve Festival 439/Game prizestrue
Thigh pouch secured with a glass charmHollow Eve Festival 436/Game prizestrue
Tiny icon of metalHollow Eve Festival 436/Game prizestrue
Toy bobbleheadHollow Eve Festival 436/Game prizesHollow Eve Festival 439/Game prizestrue

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