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Overview of the attributes of the Elanthian gods. See the gods' individual pages for more details.

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The Kermorian Pantheon

Neutral Light Dark
Kertigen (Raven) Divyaush (Welkin) Zachriedek (Raccoon)
  • Patron of Dwarves
  • Metal-working, gems, plastic arts
  • "Stern, but loving father"
  • Associated with common sense, impartiality, fair mediation
  • Merry, bearded man; twinkling blue eyes
  • Grants good favor, money, gifts
  • Send welkins to help craftsmen
  • Paternal, kind, beloved by children; "indulgent grandfather"
  • Nasty and cruel
  • Associated with misfortune
  • Send gremlins to plague craftsmen
Hodierna (Unicorn) Berengaria (Cow) Asketi (Adder)
  • Life, morning, light
  • Springtime, harvest, crops
  • Farmers, herbalists, healers and Empaths
  • Granter of life and favor (ressurections & healing)
  • Plump and cheerful woman
  • Finder of lost children
  • Bringer of dawn
  • Earth is renewed where she treads
  • "The hag"; stealer of children
  • Wild mistress of barren fields and the midnight hunt
  • Delights in causing pain and terror
  • Stealer of life; carries souls in a sack
Meraud (Wolf) Firulf (Owl) Kerenhappuch (Shrew)
  • God of magic and foresight, dark side of arcane arts
  • Dark stranger, rarely shows face
  • Ruthless pursuit of knowledge
  • Admired by Elotheans for aloofness
  • Creator of written language
  • God of elemental magic
  • Kinder than Meraud but stern and crafty
  • Unerring foresight revered by Elothean Moon Mages
  • Legendary staff of lightning
  • Mad mage; blackmail, extortion and murder
  • Beautiful seductress and schemer
  • Ruthless and unscrupulous
  • Legendary skirt of seduction
Damaris (Panther) Phelim (Nightingale) Dergati (Shrike)
  • God of night and dreams
  • Patron of Thieves, cutthroats, assassins and spies
  • "Voice in the shadows"
  • Soft spot for children
  • God of sweet dreams and unbroken promises
  • God of rightful vengence and honorable Thieves
  • Caused creation of the stars and moons
  • Worshipped by Moon Mages
  • Goddess of nightmares
  • The "all-seeing"; third eye in center of forehead
  • Hates the sun and would destroy it
  • Unraveler of souls; kills with slow efficiency and no ressurection
Everild (Boar) Kuniyo (Wolverine) Trothfang (Centaur)
  • Wild lord of warriors, amazons, barbarians, berserkers and those who die in battle
  • Attended by wild youths and maidens who aid favored warriors and ensure proper burial of warriors
  • Does not wander far from sound of battle
  • Enjoys wilderness; favorite of rangers
  • Stubborn and vicious in battle
  • God of cannibalism, debauchery and primitive life; anti-civiliization
  • Delights in torture and slow, messy death
  • Devour flesh of enemies in front of them as they die
Truffenyi (Ox) Alamhif (Magpie) Huldah (Weasel)
  • God of mortal man, mercy and forgiveness
  • Blesses ressurections, health, stamina and magical power
  • Like a father to Elanthians; indulgent but stern
  • "The kind father"; firm guidance
  • Special care for misled or mistreated children
  • With Berengaria, created capability for ressurection
  • Trickster, imp, bedeviler, fouler up of best laid plans
  • Despises mortals
  • Delights in seeing that which is pure become despoiled
Hav'roth (Cobra) Peri'el (Kingsnake) Ushnish (Viper)
  • God of spirits of rock, stone, and earth; deserts
  • Chief deity of S'kra Mur
  • Creator of precious metals and gems
  • Goddess of the inner earth
  • Sings to to World Dragon to keep it asleep
  • Stills earthquakes, stops flows of lava
  • Patroness of war veterans; crippled during fight with World Dragon
  • The "Serpent of Discord"
  • Brings disease, old age, ice ages, floods, and famines
  • Causes earthquakes and lava flows
Eluned (Dolphin) Lemicus (Albatross) Drogor (Shark)
  • Goddess of seas and water; keeps oceans moving and guides sailors at night
  • Patron of learning and knowledge; master of arcane and ancient wisdom
  • Chief deity of Elothians
  • Creator of speech
  • Goddess of inland (fresh) waters
  • Protector of lost sailors
  • Her dance and laughter cause favorable winds for sea-bound merchants
  • Patron of librarians, dancers, Elves, wives of sailors and life of the ocean
  • God of the angry oceans
  • Creator of hurricanes and tsunamis
  • Drowner of children and destroyer of knowledge / libraries
Glythtide (Ram) Saemaus (Donkey) Be'ort (Coyote)
  • God of joy, mirth, merriment, wine, song and good fellowship
  • Patron of bards, poets, troubadors and musicians
  • Patron of loafers, gourmands and drunks
  • Chief deity of Halflings
  • God of love and festivities; toasted at weddings
  • Patron of lovers, pregnant mothers, expecting fathers, maids of honor and male counterparts
  • Credited as inventor of the tart
  • God of bitter partings, love lost, opportunities wasted and insanity
  • Despises revelry; wallows in melancholy
  • Specializes in wars of attrition
Tamsine (Cat) Albreda (Dove) Harawep (Spider)
  • Patron of all civilization, hearth and home
  • Goddess of the peaceful household and domestic skills like cooking, weaving and brewing
  • Seek blessing before constructions of temples, houses and public buildings
  • Patroness of orphans and fosterlings, alliances and marriages
  • Bringer of peace; despises war and bloodshed, but followed by some Paladins
  • Protects mothers with difficult childbirth, and fathers if her aid is not enough
  • Often worshipped by Empaths
  • Patron of murderers and assassins
  • "The Widowmaker"; lightning-wielding hag who fights with twin swords
  • Disrupter of peace treaties among races and nations, destroyer of families
  • Weaves disloyalty, deception and destruction
Faenella (Wren) Murrula (Phoenix) Idon (Heron)
  • "The Fair Bard"; performer and muse of poetry
  • The Fae and spirits of nature (dryads, sprites, nyads) considered her children
  • Patron of Bards and adventure-seeking youth
  • Protector of caravans
  • Created harps and stringed instruments
  • Goddess of beauty and gifted youngsters
  • Trainer of young bards
  • Can't stand bad singing; will gift good singer and "silence" bad singer
  • Protector of travelers
  • Kiss remedies hangovers
  • Creator of flute and woodwinds
  • God of roving bands of Thieves, rakish rogues and mothers who abandon their children
  • "The reaver" is obsessed with own good looks; turns rivals into pig
  • Charismatic, charming, lustful, and excellent at catching people unawares
  • Music is loud and annoying with outrageous melodies; percussion instruments
Chadatru (Lion) Rutilor (Mongoose) Botolf (Goshawk)
  • Lord of Justice; sword in right hand and olive laurel in left
  • Blind, but fights as if gifted with sight
  • Patron of kings, rulers and judges
  • Word is bond; compelled to speak truth
  • Defender of the gods; judges kindly and even-handedly
  • A god of truth; cannot lie
  • Patron of Paladins
  • Collector of swords, some enchanted
  • Legendary hounds unleashed on those who escape his judgement
  • God of dishonesty and deceit, and fallen Paladins
  • Symbol of corruption and bribery
  • Causes thieves and murderers to go free
  • Patron of Knife Clan and Thieves Guild; loves Dirge
Urrem'tier (Scorpion) Eylhaar (Jackal) Aldauth (Vulture)
  • Of the gods, has least amount of Substance and largest amount of the Void
  • Embodiment of Death, neither evil nor good
  • The beckoner, the promise of peace from a world of pain
  • Her deaths are without pain, and her allure is insurmountable
  • Faceless god of agony, worshipped and feared by sadists
  • Will taunt and trick people out of their lives; deaths are always painful
  • Battlefield scavenger

The Prydaen Gods

Eu (Faiyka) Demrris (Iladza) Tenemlor (Shariza)
  • Prydaen word for "nature"
  • Eu is the entirety of the natural world
  • Never referred to as 'he', 'she', or 'it', only as Eu
  • Never appears to mortals
  • Lord of sun and storms, of life, vigor and action
  • Followed by Prydaen Barbarians and Warrior Mages
  • Strong sense of justice with brief attention span
  • Loves to join in the games of playful cubs
  • The Guardian of the Blessed, defending the dead from necromancers and those who would disturb their rest
  • Serenity, silence, peace and order
  • Revered by Prydaen Empaths and Moon Mages
Eu-Demrris-Tenemlor, frequently shortened to Eu, is the triple form, representing the totality of mortal experience and appearing mainly to clan elders and priests -- or their non-Prydaen equivalents -- in the form of a renowned ancestor.

The Rakash Gods

Mrod (Varna / Black Crow) Enelne (Turinstil / Butterfly) Coshivi (Afis / Badger)
  • Leader of The Great Pack
  • Keeper of the skies and all above
  • Grants that Rakash can return to their natural form, moonskin
  • Goddess of all natural things found beneath the skies
  • Watches over all growth, whether visible or in the soul
  • Petitioned for good crops and a healthy life
  • Patron of scholars and storytellers
  • Overseer of all that does not grow when cultivated
  • Swift and agile, he is always seen in moonskin
  • Followed by warriors, traders, theives, hunters and Pack chiefs
  • Patron to the those who are coming of age
The Great Pack, or the Grand Pack, is a Rakash spiritual concept encompassing a Rakash's connection to not only his/her own blood family and local pack, but to all other Rakash, the Rakash gods, and to the very ebbs and flows of all natural things.

The Gnomish Gods (pre-Gorbesh)

Gizzbolf (White Rabbit) Spangklud (Gremlin) Krigglin (Beaver)
  • Appears as a disheveled, wizened Gnome with robes that change with the seasons
  • Carries a brown or white rabbit and a gnarled stick of wood that he uses to draw plans and formulations in the dirt along roads
  • Lightning strikes are a sign that Gizzbolf has had a breakthrough
  • Reponsible for the shifting of seasons
  • God of bad luck; when something goes wrong, it's Spangklud's fault
  • Few have seen him and survived
  • Appreciated by Thieves -- as long as they remain on this good side
  • God of "Making", or of "Unmaking", of material goods and new knowledge
  • Venerated by scholars and craftsmen as "The Thinker's Tinker" as well as "The Tinker's Thinker"
  • Responsible for building the word and everything in it
* Need citations on which Gnomes (geographic? time period? cultural group?) worshipped these gods.

The Alaudian Pantheon

Worshipped by the Gorbesh, Kaldar and some Gnomes.

Xosiurion (Dragon skull)
  • Domain of Bone
  • God of Dragons
  • For ages, was undisputed master of the golds, clad in armor and helm of drake's bone
  • Planet is Xosedas / Verena
Orisas (White globe)
  • Domain of Spirit
  • Known as the Ghostly Mistress, one of the mightiest and most venerated goddesses
  • Kaneija, her snowglobe, offers home to the dead within a city of bright life
  • According to prophecy, will smash her snowglobe and lead the armies of the dead in battle
  • Planet is Osec (Szeldia)
Sraxaec (Burning torch)
  • Domain of Blood
  • Born of newly-let blood, he gave life to the peoples of Albaria and brings new life into the world
  • Master of healing, and his favor is sought by the sick and dying
  • Especially favors those wounded in battle; will bestow blessing of life upon the warriors
  • Planet is Sidasas (Penhetia)
Tieheq (Crossed spear and greatsword)
  • Domain of Iron
  • Fiercest of gods, leads the Gorbesh in battle and delivers strength and courage
  • Must never be angered, lest his wrath rend the earth itself and bring cities to ruin
  • Believed to have gone into Xin'Alaudas, trained the Founder and set him upon the path that led to the Gorbesh Empire
  • Husband of Merion
  • Planet is Tliij (Durgaulda)
Merion (Flaming anvil)
  • Domain of Fire
  • The Protector and kindly mother, whose flames bring safety, warmth and comfort
  • Great warrior and defender of the Gorbesh peoples
  • Devised the art of forging; her favor is sought by blacksmiths and warriors alike
  • Wife of Tieheq
  • Planet is Maeben (Morleena)
Eimeuz (Ship)
  • Domain of Wood
  • God of Ships; "The Builder"
  • Taught the arts of sailing and building to 'our people' and led them to the sea
  • Constructed a great fleet by himself and sailed across the sea of stars
  • Especially fond of the forests, especially evergreens, and defends them from destruction
  • Planet is Eimarqe (Yoakena)
Aniek (Three bolts of lightning)
  • Domain of Storm
  • Goddess of Destruction
  • Vindictive and spiteful, and ruins for the sake of ruination: tornados and blizzards and lightnings
  • Ships of raiders also bear her seal (in addition to Eimeuz) for her favor and protection
  • Not all bad; battled against the White Wind of the Shaerek for eighteen days to allow the Empire to reach Il'in Sius.
  • Planet is Aneus (Ismenia)
Misiumos (Rimewolf)
  • Domain of Ice
  • Goddess of the land itself
  • Cold and defiant, covering Albania with her shroud of ice and snow
  • Mother of 'our people', putting the frost in our bones and making us stronger
  • Watches over the wilderness; beasts of the earth came from her union with Sraxaec
  • Her blessing is sought by hunters
  • Planet is Misueshi (Amlothi)
Aliesa (Three stacked bricks of clay)
  • Domain of Clay
  • Goddess of Homes
  • A Builder who watches over and creates the cities and homes of the land, offering gentle protection
  • Revered by potters and sculptors
  • Most peaceful of the gods, watches over truces and treaties
  • Great warrior with the fury of a mother; her palace is decorated with lifelike statues of her fallen enemies
  • Planet is Kneisa (Er'qutra)
Sieben (Whirlwind)
  • Domain of Mist
  • Fickle and feckless, appearing as a hardened young man obscured by a great fog
  • Father of trickery and deceit; fosters chaos, and is a master of changing shape and creating havoc
  • Destroys ships with his fogs and burns the army's supplies
  • Created the Ocular and bids them to further his ends in the world
  • Planet is Avieben (Estrilda)

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