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Sraxaec is a god worshipped by the Gorbesh and the Kaldar, which are an offshoot of mainstream Gorbesh society.

The Domain of Sraxaec is Blood; pure, red, and fresh. Born from the newly-let blood of Sraxeiven, from whom he takes his name, Sraxaec gave life to the peoples of Albaria. It is Sraxaec that brings new life into the world; the screaming babes from Sraxaec do come. He is the master of healing, and it is he the mortals look to when faced with illness and dying -- his favor is sought then with the appropriate offerings to his Domain. Fire courses through the veins of the eternally young Sraxaec, and it is said his blood offers eternal life. After the defeat of Xosiurion, and the brotherhood of the Dragon King and Xin'Alaudas, Sraxaec filled a goblet with his blood, and from that the Founder did drink -- his body burst into flames. The God of Life especially favors those wounded in battles, and he will frequently ride with the armies during the Prime Year, to bestow blessings of life upon the warriors. In the words of the Meumos Prophecies it is written that in the time of Ilaehl, Sraxaec's head will be severed; his blood will stain the earth, and set fire to the icy lands of Albaria. His head will regrow, and Sraxaec will bring new life onto the changed land. His planet is Sidasas.

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ItemSource isRare item
Black silk cord strung with a golden burning torchTieheq with the Thirteen (1)Tieheq with the Thirteen (2)Tieheq with the Thirteen (3)Tieheq with the Thirteen (4)true
Blood-red haversack decorated with a golden medallionAlbarian Importstrue
Blood-red leather sochi adorned with a tri-gold claspAlbarian Importstrue
Cambrinth Sraxaec idolTieheq with the Thirteen (1)Tieheq with the Thirteen (2)Tieheq with the Thirteen (3)Tieheq with the Thirteen (4)true
Cambrinth torch with a blood-red dragonfire amber flame and a demonbone handleTieheq with the Thirteen (3)Tieheq with the Thirteen (4)true
Copper pendant shaped like a burning torchTieheq with the Thirteen (1)Tieheq with the Thirteen (2)true
Fibrous icon of strandsHollow Eve Festival 436/Game prizestrue
Folded icon of leatherHollow Eve Festival 436/Game prizestrue
Heavy cambrinth armband (sraxaec)Tieheq with the Thirteen (1)Tieheq with the Thirteen (2)true
Hollow Eve Festival 436/Game prizes/Material options
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