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Guidelines for submitting rumors for the rumor system:

(1) No vulgarity, either open or masked.

(2) No personal attacks. (i.e. Dartenian is an idiot.)

    • Note that this may include personal attacks veiled as an event-related rumor (i.e. Dartenian should never have been named Commander of the Pirate Battalion, he knows nothing about spinach dip!)

(3) No mention of GM names at all.

(4) No OOC or OOG stuff.

(5) Spelling and general grammatical rules should apply. (This won't get your rumor deleted outright -- we'll edit it.)

(Note that # 1 and 2 are a bit looser in the Fallen.)

The release of rumors into the game remains at the final discretion of the approving GM. If a submitted rumor is deemed to not be in the best interest of the game or grossly disruptive in intent, the reviewing GM has the right to pull the submission.

Hopefully, this gives everyone a fair idea of what we're looking at when we approve/edit/delete rumors.


Note: Not all NPCs will give or accept a rumor from you. This is based on race/guild and sometimes gender.

NPCs taking part in the Rumor System

NPC name Town Province Building/area Restrictions
Bargirl Crossing Zoluren Gaethrend's Court Bards can receive
Skalliweg Crossing Zoluren Half Pint Inn Bards can receive and submit
Human table monger Crossing Zoluren Monger's Bazaar, Traders' Market Bards and Traders can receive, Traders can submit
Barkeep Crossing Zoluren Sand Spit Tavern Bards can receive and submit
Barmaid Crossing Zoluren Taelbert's Inn Bards can receive
Bartender Dirge Zoluren Darkstone Inn Bards can receive
Ulipher Leth Deriel Zoluren Rest of Ages Inn, Taproot Tavern Bards can receive and submit
Gurta Tiger Clan Zoluren The Pig's Pannage Gor'Togs (may be limited to traders)
Barkeep Wolf Clan Zoluren Arnack's Tavern Bards and Traders can receive and submit
waitress Fayrin's Rest Ilithi Marachek's Oak Gnome Traders
stableboy Fayrin's Rest Ilithi Marachek's Oak stable Traders can receive
publican Shard Ilithi Golden Phoenix Inn Bards can receive/not submit
publican Shard Ilithi Milene's Rose Tavern Bards can receive/not submit
Waitress Riverhaven Therengia Noble Inn Bards can receive
Halfling table monger Riverhaven Therengia Riverhaven Trader Market Traders can give and receive
Harwell Dryfoot Riverhaven Therengia Saltfisher Inn Bards can receive
stableboy Riverhaven Therengia Traders' Guild, Caravan Stable  ?
barkeep Langenfirth Therengia Telgar Inn Tavern Room Bards can receive
S'Kra Mur table monger Muspar'i Therengia Muspar'i Traders' Guild Traders can receive and submit
barmaid Rossman's Landing Therengia Portman's Tavern, Common Room Bards can receive
traveler Therenborough Therengia Therenborough Inn, Sunken Fireplace Bards can receive
proprietor Hara'jaal Qi'Reshalia Driftwood Tavern, Bar Bards can receive
chambermaid Aesry Surlaenis'a Qi'Reshalia Inn of the Crystal Wave, Entry Hall Bards can receive
Rog (bartender) Ratha Qi'Reshalia Kygar's Pub, Common Room Bards can receive