Empath Guildhall (Riverhaven)

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This Empath Guildhall is found in Riverhaven, or simply "Haven", the guild itself is situated 2 rooms south from the north gate, directly across from the hospital.

The guild leader here is Nebela Mentrade. If asked for a task she will give you one to perform. Other than usual guild services there is a tiny library.

The Riverhaven Empath Guild Crest:

an open hand reaching out to provide comfort, the palm cradling a leaping river fish arching over a royal blue river


[Empaths' Guild, Entrance]
The Empath Guild vestibule is bare of ornamentation and creature comforts, opting instead for a cleanliness and simplicity displayed in its unadorned wooden furniture and bare floors and walls. A single desk, heavily laden with a tangled mess of notices and records, sits in the corner, the last vestige of the guild offices which have been emptied for hospital space. A half-dozen chairs along the wall serve to accommodate guild members, patients, and their family and friends You also see Guildleader Nebela Mentrade and a renown scroll.
Obvious exits: west, out.


[Empaths' Guild, Library]
Little more than a closet, the empath library is windowless and cramped. The absence of light, with the minor exception of a single burning candle, and the lack of fresh air may at first add to an appearance of inhospitality. A small collection of volumes organized on a large wooden crate validates the room's title of "library". However, the true purpose of the room is easily discerned by the exhausted snores of two overworked empaths drawn to the room's silence for some well-deserved rest. You also see a gracefully shaped silver urn.
Obvious exits:east

Glancing over the contents of the crate, you see the following titles:

 TITLE                                        CALL LETTERS
 --------------------------------             ------------
 Healing Reagents                            RbaHR


Due to a mistake with a paladin glyph quest, an unreleased room was displayed.

[Empaths' Guild, Main Room]
The walls, ceiling, and floor of the Empath's Guild are covered with bleached white sheets. The sudden abscence of color is striking, but you find that you are able to focus much better here. A small pad sits to one side of the doorway, holding a few pairs of shoes.
Obvious exits: out.